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Where to get your American drink on in Brisbane

While you’re working up an appetite for all the American foodie goodness that’s being deep-fried and BBQ’d in and around Brisbane at the moment, you had better be working up a thirst to go with it, because bars and pubs all over the city are stocking a surprising array of USA brew options. We’ve come a long way from the days where XXXX was the only choice of ale, unless you splurged on the slightly more upscale Tooheys or poised your pinky over a Crown Lager. The rapid incline of craft and international beers to be found at all our favourite haunts mean we’ve got a Southern style growler to suit any serving of deep-fried goodies and sticky hot ribs. So ready or not, here come the best spots in Brisbane to get your USA drink on. The Scratch Bar | Milton Beer lovers of Brisbane – you’ve tried the locals, you’ve tried the Australian crafts, you’ve tried every boutique cider you can get your beer lusting hands on, and now you have to hit The Scratch and try their range of American bronsons. The unpretentious Milton favourite for craft beer serves more than just Aussie brews, bringing us stout labels like Founders Imperial and Stillwater Folklore to enjoy in all their American glory. The Buffalo Bar | Brisbane CBD Forget the imported bottles or cans, The Buffalo Bar brings us whole keggers of Southern-style beer goodness. Specialising in US craft beer thirst quenchers, these city dwelling Americana experts are serving up an array of imported brewkis by the bottle and on tap daily. They’re not ones to brag, but with fourteen U.S. beers on tap, it’d be hard to say no to an all American night on the town. american-beer-brisbane-2Mighty Mighty | Fortitude Valley Hit the cans at Mighty Mighty and say hello to all the USA goodness they have on offer. The urban cowboys of Brisbane have brought us more American culture than we can handle in one sitting, so make this one a local favourite to do over. Mighty Mighty are smitten with the states, and not only lend themselves to all things USA (hickory smoked meat and the likes), but pride themselves on serving hard to find American brews. Kerbside | Fortitude Valley It turns out that the collectors of all things (and people) unique and cool also collect an incredible repertoire of craft beers to select from, including some US ones you’ll be thirsting after once you’ve sampled them. Stocking over 200 craft beers and ciders, Kerbside is no stranger to an American brew, offering up a massive selection for us to choose from. Try out a couple of the USA’s finest over a plate of their chilli cheese fries and you’ve got your American hanger sorted for another week (or night, at least). Super Whatnot | CBD There’s nothing closer to the American dream than finding a cool hole-in-the-wall venue that serves your favourite US brew and a bowl of cheese and garlic poppers that smell like a cheesy dream cloud (no exaggeration, they’re incred). Super Whatnot has both. You’re welcome. Tippler’s Tap | Newstead They say they can sustain any good beer drinker, but can they sustain the American one? Yes, yes they can. With a drinks menu sporting bottled US beers galore, and an ever changing array of on tap options, there’s enough lager and pale ale to satisfy all beer fiends, from the US beer novice to the Americana drinking god. It’s not just deep-fried pickle goodness that the States are bringing to our shores, so get out and get drinking. As if you needed a reason, right? Words by Lucille Burkitt