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Where to get wine on tap

Wine on tap. You might have heard of it, you might not, but it’s certainly a boozy trend that should be on your radar. And before you wine snobs go shaking your head and saying ‘that’s not right!’ let us tell why bars everywhere are tapping into the new way to pour. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the leftover wine from that bottle you just ordered a single glass from, well, often it gets tipped down the drain, although only after it’s sat unopened for a few hours, oxidized, and probably poured another couple of less than fresh glasses. Wine on tap ensures not only that the vino tastes like it came from an unopened bottle every time, but also that there’s minimal waste, no bottles to wind up in landfill and not even a cardboard carton needed for transportation. Sound like a win-win for everyone, right? There’s plenty of Brisbane bars jumping on the trend, so here’s where to get yourself a wine on tap (or 3 – you’re helping to save the environment, after all).
Pig ‘N’ Whistle | West End
Whether you’re a sipper of sauvignon blanc, a connoisseur of chardonnay, or you’ve taken a shine to shiraz, Pig ‘N’ Whistle’s list of fine wines on tap has you covered. With no less than 6 sophisticated sips from New Zealand and Australia to choose from, you’ll be able to find a match for any meal, or even just the perfect tipple for those after work drinks.
Cloudland | Fortitude Valley
Cloudland’s list of wines available on tap, although small and select, will not leave you disappointed. With a big bodied shiraz from the Barossa Valley and a sauvignon Blanc from the vineyards of New Zealand to pair with plates of pan fried buffalo haloumi wrapped in pancetta, you’ll be on cloud nine at Cloudland.
Corbett and Claude |CBD
It’s practically a sin to have an Italian meal without a glass of wine. Luckily, Corbett and Claude will save your soul with their selection of tap wines. Sourced from Margret River, the Yarra Valley, and New Zealand, there’s a wine for every palette. Enjoy a Skuttlebutt or White Hill white, a glass of French champagne, or an Italian Prosecco.
The Charming Squire | South Bank
Don’t worry if you’re not a beer drinker and you’re being dragged along for a get together at The Charming Squire, cider isn’t the only other tipple they do well. You’ll find four wines on their tap line up – all the more to match to all their delicious bar bites.
At Sixes and Sevens |CBD
Planning a Sunday sesh? Head along to At Sixes and Sevens, where you can have six (or seven) glasses of wine, and never drink the same type twice! Sip on a crisp white with a creamy cheese board or a pair a red with something a little heartier – a pile of their infamous poutine, perhaps?
Communal |CBD
Communal’s philosophy is all about sharing – but you don’t have to extend that philosophy to your glass of wine. With something for every taste on tap, from moscato and chardonnay to sauvignon blanc and shiraz, they’ve also got plenty of bar bites to match it with – which we do recommend sharing. We’d tap that! Words by Kate Stevens