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Where to get vegan desserts in Brisbane

Let’s face it, we all have a sweet tooth working its way into our 3pm daydreams (as the secret chocolate stash in our office will confirm).

But for vegans and the dairy intolerant foodies, finding the answer to those I-need-chocolate-NOW cravings can be a little trickier. We’re about to whisper sweet nothings into your ear with a list of the finest vegan desserts in Brisbane.

Nodo | Various

Masters of all things naughty-but-nice, Nodo offers a range of vegan options across their menu of dishes, donuts, and bevs! Treat yourself to something sweet like their hazelnut mudshake of hazelnuts, banana, coconut milk, dates, cacao, cacao nibs, and organic chocolate protein when you need something sugary, stat. 

Veganyumm | Everton Park

Leave the lists of dos and don’ts at home today, ‘cause at Everton Park’s Vegan Yumm (Brissie’s first all-vegan bakery, mind you) nothing’s off the menu! From the 10-inch high layer cakes packed with Oreos, buttercream and peanut butter mousse to the bakery’s signature Cinnayum cinnamon buns, absolutely everything in store will have you saying ‘Vegan? Yummm.’

Pawpaw Café | Woolloongabba

The brekky menu isn’t the only thing we’re pawing for at this Woolloongabba spot! With Pawpaw bringing Cocowhip to the Brisbane masses, you can whip it, whip it good all day long. Made from coconut milk, this soft serve is 100% vegan and 110% delicious, and with plenty of goodies to top up (and knowing us, overflow) the cup with, it’s probably a good thing this vegan dessert is only 90 calories a serve.

Doughnut Time | Fortitude Valley

For all that’s holey, you’d better check out the vegan doughnuts on offer at Doughnut Time. Flavours include raspberry jam number, a vegan caramel-apple delight, the Liam Hemsworthy (red velvet doughy with cookies and cream frosting), and vegan buttercream with hundreds-and-thousands!

Charlie’s Raw Squeeze | Various

Thought dessert was a strictly post-dinner institution? At Charlie’s Raw Squeeze, the spot’s famous Nice Cream is made from frozen blended fruit, leaving the vegan crowd totally free to start their mornings with guilt-free serves of flavours like salted caramel, choc mint, or vanilla macadamia. Welcome, all, to ice cream for breakfast – let’s never leave.

Ciao Gelato | Nundah

You can probably live without milk in your coffee and butter on your morning toast, but is there any real substitute for an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day? There is, and it exists at Ciao Gelato (as well as oh so much more…). Ciao Gelato has created creamy almond milk gelato, rich chocolate sorbet and even dairy-free, chocolate-coated ice cream bars on a stick layered with cherry, mint or peanut butter to make your summer so much better! 

Words by Samantha Chariton Image (top) by Judit Losh