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Where to get salty AF snacks to suit your salty AF personality

Bad day at work, you forgot to hang out the washing, global warming… there’s so many reasons to be salty these days. So we’ve embraced the saltiness coming out of our mouths, now we’re gonna put some saltiness into our mouths. Maybe the most satisfying salty fixes in Brisbane will turn you just a little bit sweeter. Margaritas The OG salty sensation, there’s nothing better than an icy cold margarita with a salted rim to soothe even the most salty souls. We love Brooklyn Standard’s sour margarita, it’s the perfect accompaniment to their salty fries – double the goodness. If you’re hot and bothered, head on down to Sonny’s House of Blues for their frozen margaritas – just a little saltiness mixed with a whole lotta refreshment. Salted Caramel We’re obsessed with newly opened Gelato Messina’s salted caramel ice cream – check their specials for twists on this classic flavour. For a crispy twist on your fix, try Harajuku Gyoza’s salted caramel gyoza, which comes with a side of ice cream. There’s lots of options now, but back in the day there was just one bakery brave enough to mix salty with sweet: Jocelyn’s Provisions. Open since 1996, Jocelyn serves up an amazing Salted Caramel Cake but our fave is the Salted Caramel Tart, topped with dark chocolate ganache and a healthy sprinkling of sea salt flakes – YUM. Fries Ever heard a psycho order fries without salt at Maccas?! INSANE. We like our fries salty, like, to the point where we add extra salt. We’re obsessed with Super Combo’s, while the regular are amazing with their burgers, the Super Fries are a meal all to themselves, loaded with salty bacon bits and cheese. Salty AF. Honorable mention to the Yiros Shop whose fries are covered in feta AKA the saltiest of cheese. Finger lickin’ good. Salty Bar Snacks Whether you’re drinking an icy cold beer or sippin’ a whiskey sour, there’s nothing better than a bar that serves up salty snacks. We love the never-ending free popcorn at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall, it’s like being at the movies but a whole lot more entertaining. If the salty margarita wasn’t enough salt for you, double down at Brooklyn Standard with their free salty pretzels. Salty Meat Cured meats are salty by nature (just like you) and charcuterie boards are the perfect way to taste several different beasts on the one plate. Gerard’s Bar is all about the charcuterie, with big ol’ hunks of salty meat hanging up in the bar, pick and mix your plate or ask the bar staff to surprise you. If you want to take it to the next level check out the meat selection at Vaquero, where you literally have to pass through the Albion Butchery to get to cured meat heaven. Are you sweet on any of these salty snacks? Don’t forget to tag your saltiest mate on Facebook and get ready to get salty AF. Words by Lucinda Kent Image from Pinterest.