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Where to get healthy versions of your favourite foods

Hey you! Yeah you with the salad! It’s time to quit ‘forgetting’ to reply every time your friends invite you out for dinner. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to ditch your resolution to eat healthier this year (although we’re all for it), because we’ve found a way you can enjoy all your favourite #treatyourself foods without having to skip a few meals the next day. Waistline-loving lasagna, nourishing nachos and diet-friendly doughnuts…it sounds like delicious sorcery, but believe us, they’re real, they’re delectable, and they’re on a menu near you.
Pancakes | Wilde Kitchen | Teneriffe
Let’s be real, when we’re talking about #gains, the kind you get from your average pancakes aren’t particularly Insta worthy. When it comes to Wilde Kitchen though, nothing on their menu could ever be considered ordinary, and their protein pancakes are no exception. Skip the carbs and go from flabby to abby with a fluffy stack of goodness topped with coyo, berries and maple syrup. When it’s that healthy, you’d be crazy not to top it off with a side of bacon!
Pizza | Sol | Fortitude Valley
Just because you’re trying to be healthy doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on a slice of the action. Trust us, after a mere bite of the ‘Non Meat Lovers’ your dirty deep-dish dreams will be a thing of the past. Plus, they have a whole menu dedicated to vegan pizza so that you can beat the pepperoni and mozzarella bloat – has there ever been a better excuse to get your carb on?
Gnocchi | Asana | Brisbane
So you have the tendency to ditch the diet entirely around this mouthwatering Italian creation? Well thanks to chef Pete Evans, we’ve found a solution to your carby-dreams that you just can’t look pasta. With potato swapped for the much lower in carbs sweet potato, and topped with wild mushroom sauce, you’ll gnocchi your cravings right out of the park.
Nachos | Lostboys Café | Fortitude Valley
You don’t have to cheddar tear over that soggy, cheesy, greasy regret anymore – it’s nacho problem thanks to the magical chefs at Lostboys! With organic corn chips, a fresh green bean mix, oozy mozzarella, avocado and sweet chilli quark (and a dash of pixie dust), you’ll feel like you’re treating yourself. We do believe in healthy nachos, we do, we do!
healthy food brisbane nodoDoughnuts | Nodo | Newstead
Hole-y moley, just when you thought you had to give up your favourite fried friend, along comes Nodo Donuts gluten free, baked delights. Just try not to let your eyes ‘glaze’ over as you scan your eyes across the scrumptious selection on offer. With options like blueberry and lemon, pumpkin maple and strawberry coconut, you can even turn your sneaky snack into a nourishing breakfast.
Curry | It’s Mirchi | Paddington
Indulging in delicious Indian food doesn’t mean you have to vinda-loosen your belt after a couple of curry puffs and a mouthful of butter chicken. You’ll be on cloud naan with It’s Mirchi’s gluten, dairy and sugar free mains with vegan options and delightfully healthy sides. Just try not to get curried away and fill up on their tantalizing entrees before you even get to the main course!
Burgers | Pineapple Express | Hamilton
There’s no denying it, a greasy, cheesy burger every once in a while is truly bunderful. But there’s no running away from that bleugh-er feeling you get after downing a not-so happy meal (and who likes cardio anyway?). Thanks to Pineapple Express you can still indulge in your favourite stack of beef, lettuce and tomato without feeling breadful! Take it one step further and wrap any of their deliciously different burgers in a lettuce or corn bun.
Cheesecake | Nutrihitt | Geebung
If ‘healthy cheesecake’ is synonymous with ‘unicorns’ for you, think again. Dubbed ‘the healthier version of the Cheesecake Shop’, these two kitchen queens have crafted the un-baked goods that our #treatyourself dreams are made of. Forget crying into a Woolies mudcake while you’re watching The Bachelor, switch up your sweet-treating with a slice of raw, vegan cookies and cream cheesecake that is gluten, sugar (but definitely not taste) free.
TimTams | My Plate Clean Treats | Online
If your wildest fantasy involves a genie granting you your wish of a never ending Tim Tam packet filled with biscuits that are actually good for you, your dreams have come true. Well, at least half of them. The genie-us chefs at My Plate Clean Treats have created the most rawsome chocolately biscuit you could ever imagine, with a raw salted caramel filling sandwiched between two delicious caramel raw cookies and dipped in chocolate. So forget staring forlornly at the treat cabinet as if it’s filled with puppies that you’re forbidden from adopting. Instead, get your fork, spoon or hands on these better-for-you versions of your favourite food. Words by Caroline Tully