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Where to get cheesy for mac ‘n’ cheese day

Bread and butter. Chocolate and chick flicks. Macaroni and cheese. Of all the classic combos that we can think of, that last one might just be our favourite, fail-safe tummy filler. To celebrate international mac ‘n’ cheese day on the 14th (and it might be cheesy, but we can’t think of a better day to get excited about right now!) we’ve rounded up the joints around town that serve up this unbeatable comfort food in the most drool-worthy ways. Because nothing gets between us and a big bowl of creamy, stringy pasta – except another bowl! Sixes and Sevens | Fortitude Valley A speak easy bar that will feed us our favourite dish of carbs and cheese? Yes please! With gruyere, smoked cheddar and a sprinkle of parsley, this dish is so good it makes us melt. Up the satisfaction levels even more with a craft brew from the extensive beverage list. The Fox | South Brisbane The Fox Hotel are parma masters, and we’re losing our rind over their mac ‘n’ cheese option. Crispy chicken fillet topped with creamy, grilled to perfection mac ‘n’ cheese? The only thing that could be more indulgent is the choice to have the whole thing Clive Parma-ed: doubled in size for a super-sized feed! mac n cheese day miss kaysMiss Kay’s | CBD This place does burgers unlike anywhere else around town, and we might have just found the holy father of all cheesy, greasy hybrids. The Mac Daddy is big, beefy, stacked with melty mac ‘n’ cheese and topped with crispy chips. Cheesus! Red Hook | CBD Everything is better deep fried, and Red Hook’s crumbed mac ‘n’ cheese squares are so gloriously gooey it’s almost more than we camembert. Pair it with battered pickles and chips for a heart-stopping, pulse-hopping, bucket-list topping meal of epic proportions. Vintaged | CBD There’s nothing humble about the mac ‘n’ cheese at Vintaged – add truffles to any meal and the fancy factor goes off the charts! With preserved truffles hiding between curls of pasta and chunks of oozy cheese, you’ll brie wanting to eat it forever. Papa Jack’s | Fortitude Valley We’re pretty fondue of Papa Jack’s New Orleans taste sensations and their mac ‘n’ cheese ends up as a side dish on every visit. Smoky truffles and a crunchy herb and parmesan crust on top make it un-brie-lievably delish. Any day that’s all about cheese and pasta is a gouda day. Words by Kate Bethune