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Where to get breakfast on the west side

Wicked witches, questionable rappers – we’ll admit that the west doesn’t sport a great rep, but it’s time to take your mornings in a new direction. Set your cravings compass west for some shining stars of the morning foodie scene! After taste-testing our way through this list, we’ve got to admit – when it comes to breakfast, west is best … but that may be the post-brunch bias talking.
Same Same but Different | Corinda
There’s nothing we love more than a spot that opens at 6.30am for that early morning coffee. Or so we thought, anyway, until we found a spot that also offers up house made iced vovos, fun shakes topped with jam doughnuts, and French toast bites. Breakfast will never be the same same.
Wild Canary | Brookfield
You’ll want to visit this secret garden as soon as that morning hunger comes into bloom. Hidden within the blossoming Brookfield Nursery, it’s no wonder that everything on the plate is fresh as can be. Prepare to sing like a canary when you nab a glimpse of dishes like their banana, raspberry and macadamia bread, or the ‘veggie patch,’ a glorious mix of roast spring vegetables, poached eggs, avo, and halloumi.
Piggy Back Café | Jindalee
From the team behind your breakfast food babies at Pawpaw Café and Picnic Café comes Piggy Back, a temptress of acai bowls, smashed avo, and red velvet French toast stuffed with raspberry cream cheese. Just a heads up – if you’re anything like us, you’ll feel like asking for a piggyback to work afterwards, but an Uber’s probably more practical.
The Corner Store Café | Toowong
Ready to turn a corner in your morning routine? Say goodbye to hangry morning meetings and wave hello to brekky dishes you never knew you needed in your life (but will never be able to live without again). After tasting The Corner Store’s house made waffles with baklava ice cream, we can confirm: Toowong’s make a right.
Pitch & Fork | Toowong
OK, new work pitch: stop at Pitch & Fork for breakfast and get to work late (we didn’t say it was a great pitch). Really, any boss who doesn’t consider blueberry and ricotta pancakes like these a priority isn’t one you want to be working for anyway.
Goodness Gracious | Graceville
Goodness gracious, Graceville, where have you been all our lives? Please tell the office that we’ve left to live out our lives in the ‘burbs with the entirely-too-addictive matcha French toast with burnt vanilla brioche, matcha soil, lemon curd, meringue, and honeycomb.
Smoked Paprika | Bardon
Hungry for Hungary? This European-inspired café plates up eye-catching morning meals without sending your diet up in smoke. Say ‘not today’ to your stretchy pants and journey west for Bardon’s best organic black quinoa porridge and zucchini fritters topped with kale and pumpkin.
Place of Stones | Taringa
Ready for the Place of Stones to rock your world? Stop by this casual café for a list of every possible pre-noon craving under the sun. Begging for bacon? Done. Pawing for pancakes? Done. Breakfast lasagna? Done – and don’t knock it ‘til you try it.
The Brass Barrel | Paddington
The vibrant Paddington scene serves up another winner with this industrial style wake-up call. Step away from the Vegemite on toast, friends – it’s time for Peking duck omelettes, brisket eggs bennys, and PB&J waffles. We’re just praying for a barrel-sized serving size.
Whisk & Ladle | Milton
Doesn’t matter if you live on the south side, north side, or an hour’s drive away – you don’t want to whisk missing out on Whisk & Ladle’s potato rosti and halloumi stack (though for sheer cravings’ sake, you may want to avoid the bacon and gruyere waffle sandwich). Like another famous West said, ‘alright Brisbane, Imma let you finish your meals…’ Words by Samantha Chariton