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Where to get breakfast on the east side

Get ready to turn the bayside into the hollandaise side, people, ‘cause we’ve turned to Brisbane’s east to find our morning bearings! We’re pretty sure the only thing more certain than the sun rising in the east is our rising need for pancakes, so for mornings without hanger tantrums or disappointing muesli bars, take a step in the right direction.
Pawpaw Café | Woolloongabba
Pawing for the brekkie menu? There’s no rush to hit the snooze button: the AM angels at Pawpaw Café keep those blissful bacon and eggs coming ‘til 3pm. You’ll find cheeky nods to their nighttime Thai cuisine focus in plates of char siu pork benedict and coconut pudding with black rice and lychee, assuming your eyes didn’t freeze at the mention of butterscotch waffles with peanut butter ice cream.
Picnic Café | Camp Hill
Granted, waking up’s no picnic (as our pre-coffee glare of death will attest), but for Picnic Café, we’d leap out of bed any hour of the day. Like their sibling venue Pawpaw, Picnic pairs their bacon, eggs and smashed avo with quirky pan-Asian dishes like ‘The Seminyak’ – a quinoa nasi goreng with pork belly – and the ‘Green Hornet,’ which features green chilli scrambled eggs and a desperate desire to quote Doctor Seuss.
Republic Coffee Traders | East Brisbane
Good news! Rather than standing outside your regular café and waiting for it to open (seriously, you’re starting to scare the baristas), Republic Coffee Traders start dishing up the goods from 6am. And the answer is no, it’s not weird to pair your eggs benny or brioche brekky burger with a serve of duck steamed buns. It’s ducking delicious.
Banter Coffee House | Manly West
Frankly, our witty banter doesn’t arrive ‘til our second coffee’s done and dusted, but we still love paying visits to the eastern sibling of Deedot Coffee House (just don’t expect more than a garbled plea for caffeine). They really gave us no choice, after all – eating bowls of cereal at home just doesn’t stack up against their tower of smokehouse bacon, avo, poached eggs and halloumi.
The Priory | Woolloongabba
Another day, another all day breakfast gem. Stop by The Priory before 2.30pm to stall your workday or conquer your weekend hangover (mimosas and Bloody Mary’s at the ready, of course). We’ll admit, it took one glance at the brioche French toast with homemade pistachio gelato to dub The Priory a breakfast priority.
The Rabbit Hole Café | Seven Hills
We think it’s pretty fair to assume that if Alice had ventured down a rabbit hole like this, she’d have been much less inclined to go home. Leave the mad hatter to his tea – this place rocks the coffee machine, and with goodies like halloumi bruschetta, potato hash cakes with bacon, and a build-your-own breakfast, unlike Alice, we probably won’t need a magic potion to grow five times our size.
Sarmic Artisan Provisions & Café | Bulimba
Personally, we think adult life is sorely lacking in the take-home goody bag department, but one visit to this Bulimba spot will have you scouring the shelves for jars of jams, sauces and relish to take home after breakfast. Get trendy with some Bear Bones Espresso coffee in the industrial chic spot and leave the peak hour woes to the CBD crowd.
Pompidou Café | Balmoral
Inspired by the country responsible for croissants and éclairs (they are too a breakfast food), it’s no wonder Pompidou’s seriously good eggs benny has us cooing ‘ooh la la’. Think they have an Eiffel tower serving size for the pancakes with coffee cream cheese parfait?
Bungalow 4171 | Hawthorne
A word to the wise – one visit to this spot will make you very, very aware of how long it’s taken you to find breakfast pizza. Seriously, morning pizzas topped with smoked pancetta, rocket, goat cheese and a fried egg? We’re never leaving. … Seriously, we live here now. Um, since the sun rises in the east, does that mean we get more breakfast time? Words by Samantha Chariton