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Where to get a post-workout smoothie

So you’ve been hitting the gym hard (that pre-Valentine’s Day chocolate-induced paunch ain’t gonna lose itself) and we’re impressed that you’re still dragging yourself out of bed a little earlier every morning to get your sweat on.

Alas, you’ve also discovered the terrible downside to exercising more and eating less – the near starvation that hits at around 10am and continues well into your dinner of steamed greens and chicken breast…or pizza. Let’s be real.

But it’s ok, because there is a solution – a sweet and filling smoothie packed with protein, fruit and even those green vegetables you can’t bring yourself to add to your breakfast. Heck, you can even add a shot of coffee to some of them – can you say that about your quinoa porridge?


Want to give those newfound muscles a little boost? A Mango Muscles, packed with mango, passionfruit, vanilla coyo, protein and chia seeds will have you repping a singlet in no time. For something a little more indulgent, get a load of the peanut butter and choc, with cacao, peanut butter, coyo chocolate ice cream and honey. Best of all, download their app and order on the go and your smoothie will be waiting for you when you arrive (in your active wear, of course)!


Want to be uber healthy but not quite ready to give up those sugary treats? Then Charlie’s has the smoothies for you, with superfood versions of your usual sugar-laden faves. Sip on banana, raw caramel, walnuts, Himalayan salt and vegan gelato in the Salted Caramel, or bananas, cookies, chocolate, coconut and gelato in the Spoil Yourself. 


This paleo-conscious and gluten-free cafe has a sure-fire way of putting a spring in your step with no nasties involved. Alongside their supercharged protein smoothies, their Mean Green classic is also a fan-favourite, overflowing with silverbeet, pear, lime, mint and mango with coconut water. It’s so good we’re skeptical about how they actually fit so much green in it and still make it taste, well, not green. 


While each of the multiple Coco Bliss cafes across town has a menu of super smoothies like the Organic Acai, Coco Mango and Banana Berry, here you can make the flavours your own, and add all the protein and superfoods you desire. Whether you want extra greens or just a hefty scoop of vegan protein, this super crew will add it to your blend. 


Follow your bliss into this healthy cafe and get berry fuelled up for the day with their Berry Bliss, packed full of mango, raspberries, strawberries and young green coconut water, or replenish those muscles with the Maca Madness, overflowing with banana, miso date caramel, maca powder and almond milk.


Kiss the Berry, hug the berry, get the berry all up in your mouth with Kiss the Berry’s Minty Fresh, stuffed with açaí, raspberries, strawberries, mint and apple juice. But if it’s a meal on the go you need, their Big Brekky puts your container full of cereal to shame, with açaí, banana, coconut yoghurt, coconut oil, oats, pea protein and almond mylk all whizzed up into one bowl of deliciousness. 


You are what you eat (or in this case, drink), so for a smoothie full of goodness and grace…well, it’s obvious where you should go! We dare you to try and resist Goodness Gracious’ super delicious Berry White smoothie, which is chock-full of raspberry, white chocolate, milk, coconut yoghurt, ice cream. We’re feeling pretty smooth. 

Words by Ranyhyn Akui and Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmets who should be at the gym but instead choose shakes over weights every time