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Where to get a late night feed in Brisbane

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We’ve all been there, when you’ve had one too many drinks after work, skipped dinner and wound up with a mighty hanger (and a future hangover if you don’t get some grease into your system pronto). Horror sets in when you realize your options are limited to a Mcfeed or a really, really bad pie and before you know it you’re in a drunken state of despair. Well, guess what? Brisbane isn’t the sleepy small town it used to be and if you thought 2 minute noodles were your only answer,  you were wrong. Feast your eyes (your wide open and starving at 10pm eyes) on these spots for late night food, Brisbane.
The Wickham | Fortitude Valley
Why wander the streets in hanger when you could be stuffing your face with kimchi pork loaded nachos and spicy pork belly bao buns in a fairy lit garden bar? You’ll want to stay all night with The Wickham’s menu of bar bites – well, at least until they finish up at 1am. The cocktails and enchanting surrounds are just a bonus.
Farrier | Fortitude Valley
Open till 2am every night of the week, this underground bar offers up bao buns, jaffles and cheese boards for a very grown up supper, not to mention espresso martinis that will keep you going all night.
Ginger’s | Petrie Terrace
This hole-in-the-wall M*A*S*H inspired Korean bar will fill that late night hole in your stomach until midnight every night. Offering up fried chicken and spicy feeds, the only thing you’ll be missing is Hawkeye himself.
Super Whatnot | CBD
If nachos and cheese bread are what you crave after dark, let Super Whatnot save you from certain hanger ’til midnight on weekdays and 1am on weekends. Why not Whatnot?
heya brisbane brithday party venuesHeya Bar | Fortitude Valley
Say ‘hey!’ to this trendy Valley venue. The student favourite has a menu packed with pan-Asian street foods, including the infamous cheeseburger spring rolls, and there’s no need to say ‘sayonara’ until 3am!
NeNe Chicken | CBD
When that Saturday night Tinder date ends badly, find a soulmate in the fried chicken, burgers and wraps at NeNe Chicken. Right swipe on this CBD location until 11pm on weekends.
Sonny’s House of Blues | CBD
Tucked away on Rowes Lane, Sonny’s pairs casual Mexican feeds like hands on tacos and burritos with late night musical jams, not to mention cheap beers and sangria on tap. ‘Taco ‘bout a perfect pair!
The Sangria Bar | South Bank
The Sangria Bar is the perfect late night haunt for those who may have taken an extra long afternoon siesta. Tapas like empanadas and deep-fried crumbed olives stuffed with cheese and bigger plates like roasted lamb shoulder will cure any sized hanger, and sangria jugs will have you singing ‘Ole!’ well into the night.
Kitchen At Treasury | CBD
24 hour food, Brisbane. Need to say more? Kitchen is the place to go if you’ve got a hankering for breakfast at 11pm or you’ve just staggered out of the bar at 3am and found yourself with a craving for wings.
Lefty’s Music Hall | Petrie Terrace
Big brother to Sonny’s, Lefty’s serves up American comfort food from the other side of the border. Think Southern feeds like filthy fries and po boys, plus some of the best cheeseburgers in town, not to mention whiskeys.
bao down now featureBao Down Now | Fortitude Valley
Bao Down Now’s deliciously crispy chicken, pork, crab and tofu baos will have you on your knees. The edgy location is open till 2am six nights a week, so you can Bao Down anytime.
Pancake Manor | CBD
24 hour pancakes! Your prayers have been answered! Brisbane’s late night staple located in an old church has a menu filled with sweet and savoury pancakes, crepes, nachos and steaks. Hallelujah!
Jimmy’s on the Mall | CBD
Just want a good, classic pub feed but your local closes up long before your hunger does? Any time of day or night, Jimmy’s is there for you, with everything from Wagyu beef lasagna to Himalayan lamb curry available 24/7.
Canvas | Woolloongabba
No need to leg it to the inner city for a bite to eat, Canvas pride themselves on providing the outer region with simple foods with a twist. Nibble on some late night cheese (who doesn’t love a bit of midnight cheese?) and fill up on tapas like mozzarella arancini.
Shady Palms | Stones Corner
We’d happily skip dessert so we could fit in a supper of Shady Palms nachos. Also known to have the occasional beer pong competition, Shady Palms is the ultimate late night food and entertainment provider, open up until 11.45pm on weekends.
latenightfoodbrisbanegreaserGreaser Bar | Fortitude Valley
If you fancy a serious late night chow down don’t stop at the corner store, head straight to the mysteriously hidden and gloriously grungy Greaser. Cure your hanger with a selection of deliciousness from their American inspired street food, open till the wee hours every night of the week.
Woolly Mammoth Ale House | Fortitude Valley
With a mammoth selection of bar food like bacon fries and slow cooked lamb pizza, your only problem this late will be what to order. And choosing which of the 24 taps to try first.
Alfredo’s Pizzeria | Fortitude Valley
This is definitely a cut above the rest of the post 11pm pizza joints you could settle for. Their full menu is available until 12am all week, or if you’re wanting to party down on the weekend, they’ve got pizza by the slice until 3am. That’s right, pizza ‘til the AM.
Red Hook | CBD
Open until midnight every night, you’ll be totally hooked on American street food before you know it. Forego bothering with the greens and lean meats tonight people, you’ve got a hamburger with your name on it.
Yardbird Ale House | Paddington
Sitting at home in the ‘burbs when late night hanger strikes? Yardbird 2.o is there for you, open right up until midnight with burgers, wings, soft tacos and cheese fries. For us, there’s possibly nothing better than cheese-loaded carbs for a midnight snack.
Chingon | CBD
If you need to have a late night chat with your bestie, then why not do it over some tacos? Chingon is open for all your Mexican needs till 12am Monday to Thursday, and till 2am on Friday and Saturday. Order one or two and settle down to taco-bout it!
The Yiros Shop | CBD
Everyone knows the pure bliss that is the post-night out meal. Wrap up your night with juicy meat, chips and Greek sauce wrapped in fresh pita at The Yiros Shop until 4am Thursday to Sunday. Don’t let post-sundown hanger get the better of you, head out for the best late night food Brisbane has to offer. Words by Kate Stevens & Ranyhyn Akui