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Where to get a beast-worthy feed after the gym

When it comes to fitness v. food, we’ll be the first to admit that we usually pick a doughnut over deadlifts. We prefer to eat waffles than have our abs look like one. And you’ll never catch us ditching our morning latte in favour of pilates. But with great appetites come great calorie counts – and that means engaging beast mode at the gym every once in a while. Even we can’t justifying inhaling a doughnut after sweating it out on the gym floor, but after many post-workout hanger moments (let’s not talk about that incident with the dumbbell), we’ve compiled a list of spots where we can get a beast-worthy feed in record time that will leave you refueled and ready for your active wear selfie (if it’s not on Snapchat, did your workout even happen?).
Charlie’s Raw Squeeze | Various
It’s not just a cure for your sugar cravings that Charlie’s Raw Squeeze can cure with their acai bowls, nice creams and smoothies, they also dish up a whole menu of vegan friendly salad bowls, packed with protein and superfoods. Our personal fave is the walnut mince, guacamole, bean salad and vegan cashew cream taco bowl – the fact that their Everton Park store is open 24/7 for after a late night work out is just a bonus.
Aquila Caffe | CBD
After consulting with the well muscled crew at F45, Aquila Caffe have put together a breakfast and lunch menu just for the gym junkies. Stop in post workout for brekky and you can wolf down an egg white scramble, or a 330itis busting lunch of grilled chicken pasta or tuna steak Asian rice noodle salad.
Wilde Kitchen | Teneriffe
With their entire menu gluten free and almost all dairy free, all fit food fanatics are catered for here, from the sweet, coyo and berry topped protein pancakes to the nourishing vegie bowl with glazed salmon, spiced pumpkin and tahini cream. Feeling extra depleted? Add in one of their superfood packed smoothies.
Pineapple Express | Hamilton
What’s good on Pineapple Express’ menu for your post-gym feed? What’s not! Whether you’re craving a plate of bacon and eggs or a lean version of pizza, nachos or burgers, it’s all on the menu here. Just try to resist walking away with one of their raw sweet treats on top.
Thr1ve | CBD
Those fledgling muscles will thrive after a visit to this healthy takeaway – basically the healthy answer to that fast food burger you resort to every lunchtime. Chow down on one of their Zeus Bowls and you’ll be stuffed with pulled beef, superfood slaw, cashew & bacon bake (bacon for lunch is always a good idea), and boiled eggs.
Evolve Organics | Newstead & Rocklea
When we’re not detoxing with one of Evolve’s juice cleanses, we don’t mind refueling with some of their real food – and who wouldn’t with clean pizzas, nachos and burgers on the menu? And then there’s their Snicker acai bowl – because even beasts deserve dessert, right? Engage beast mode, foodie style. Words by Ranyhyn Akui