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Where to find the perfect Aperol Spritz

They say there are two kinds of people in this world – Italians, and people who want to be Italian. When it comes to the fine art of eating and drinking until your zip breaks, we know no nation who does it better than our sophisticated, well cultured, grape loving European friends. They’ve introduced us to all the simple pleasures in life like antipasto, hard cheese (there are no words to express our thanks for this one), cured meat goodness and the great joy of daytime cocktails – most notably, the Aperol Spritz. When it comes to mixing up one of these bad boys, our Italian friends have it down to a fine art of three parts brilliance, two parts zing and one part deliciousness. But short of forking up the couple of grand it would take to get us to our very own aperitivo abroad, we’ve done the hard yards and Aperol’d our way about town in search of the city’s perfect Aperol Spritz. Julius Pizzeria | South Brisbane There’s nobody we’d rather have take our swizzle stick for a spin. Julius Pizzeria is putting on the Spritz and pairing their Aperol with none other than Brisbane’s favourite Italian love child – the pizza. Test out your pronunciation on their menu and order yourself an Aperol Spritzer off their aperitivi selection. Nothing goes better with a glass of summer than a slice of triangle love. Bucci | Fortitude Valley Ape-roll into Bucci for their take, made on the classic mix of Aperol, Prosecco and soda, when the sun is out and the Jazz is playing, it’s almost irresponsible to not enjoy a glass (or 4) of the liquid Italian summer.  Cool off with the refreshing Spritz and enjoy good company over a plate of some of Brisbane’s best arancini while you watch the afternoon slip away. Beccofino | Teneriffe Boasting a wine list that’s almost exclusively Italian imported tipples, it’s hard to tear yourself away from a North Italian Prosecco… unless you’re mixing it with a dash of Aperol and a little soda, of course! Beccofino’s is a little heavier handed on the Aperol than your usual Spritzer, giving it just enough bite to convince you there’s an alcohol percentage in that glass you’re holding. Take a sip of summer and catch an afternoon breeze on the terrace, you’ll think you’re on a temporary vacay in no time. Bar Alto | New Farm Click your heels three times, take a sip and you could be in Veneto. Reminiscent of the real northern Italian deal, Bar Alto pours their Spritz with a view for the ultimate flirtation with a summer afternoon on the deck. You’ll even find a green olive bathing in your Aperol, a garnish coined by bartenders in Venice and often forgotten about by other Aperol aficionados. It’s a welcome visitor to that distinctive citrus zing. Coppa | CBD Embracing the true European style of turning three simple ingredients into a masterpiece, Coppa takes Aperol, Prosecco and soda and turns it into an afternoon to remember (or not – see how you go). For something a little left of center, order the Coppa Spritz – a combination of Aperol, gin, cherry bitters and Prosecco. The flavour combination will have you swearing off your regular Aperol Spritz for life (not really though – we’ll see you next Friday, Coppa). 1889 Enoteca | Woolloongabba There’s nowhere to hide in simplicity and Enoteca live by that rule with their simple, no fuss, and all too drinkable Aperol Spritz. Done like a good Aperol Spritz should be done, this three part Prosecco, two part Aperol, one part soda masterpiece will take you taste buds on a flavour journey, without even leaving your seat (or at least until you fall off it). Popolo | South Bank Nothing screams summer like a trip to River Quay where you can sip Aperol by the water all damn day (no judgment here). The Aperol Spritz at Popolo is nothing short of refreshing, light on the tongue, and will have you sipping on them until you’re asking yourself ‘dear god why’ the next morning. A few more and you’ll be one jar of preserved tomatoes and a little Italian Nonna away from buying flights to Sicily and re-naming yourself Mario. When in Rome, you say? Do yourself a flavour and hunt for hidden Aperol Spritz treasure at Hotel Adriano. We have it on good authority it’s the best Aperol Sptitz you’ll find in Italy. You can keep your Versace, Prada and Armani, Italy – we just want your Aperol Spritz. Words by Lucille Burkitt