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Where to find a birthday cake for your #fitspo friend

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than sharing a decadent slice of something sweet with friends and family to celebrate a special occasion. After all, a party without cake is really just a meeting, right? But while your new year’s resolutions are fresh in your mind and you’re opting for deadlifts over doughnuts, you’re probably looking forward to the next birthday on your calendar with something akin to dread (for all the squats you’ll have to do to make up for it). So for those of your friends that actually manage to dedicate themselves to healthy eating for longer than just the first week of January, we’ve come up with a list of delicious options that will let you have a your cake and eat it too! Nutri Hitt | Geebung Dubbed ‘the healthier version of the cheesecake shop,’ this haven of raw treats that will have your jaw dropping in amazement. Seriously, eat your heart out Katherine Sabbath. Whether you opt for a simple marbled passionfruit cake or three layers of chocolate decadence (without the refined sugar, gluten, dairy or regret, of course), there won’t be a slice left once the party is over. KM Raw N More | Morayfield If you like piña coladas and getting all the #gains, do not look past the lime and coconut raw cheesecake on the lineup of delectable cakes on offer for pick up or delivery at this raw-some northside café. All vegan and gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, they even come with a happy birthday message on top – in raw chocolate of course. Sweet Beets | Online Using only the best ingredients and nothing nasty, Sweet Beets raw creations will have you giving up butter and sugar laden cakes for their raw counterparts after just one bite. Their salted date cake is infamous in vegan circles around town, but for something as Instagramable as it is delicious, get a load of their raw raspberry, blackberry and vanilla swirl cake. raw cakes brisbaneMy Plate Clean Treats | Online Thought you had to give up carrot cake, chocolate cake and black forest cake to find a leaner, healthier you? Not so! My Plate Clean Treats whips up clean and wholesome versions of all of the above, along with raw, vegan and paleo versions of your favourite celebratory numbers. Three layers of guilt free black forest cake? Can we have our birthday twice this year? Raw Lovely Two | Online ‘OH MY GOD IS THAT REALLY VEGAN’ is the reaction you’ll probably get if you bring out on of Raw Lovely Two’s luscious raw celebration cakes. Topped with all manner of raw goodies, from hundreds and thousands to Ferrero Rochers (yep, all raw), they’re a delight that will have you finding something to celebrate ever week. Your friend: ‘I’ve been to the gym 3 days in a row!’ You: ‘Oh my god let’s get a raw cake to celebrate!’ Rawr Foods | Online Cake that helps you lose weight, boosts your immune system and gives you extra energy? Uhhh, why are you still eating chocolate mud cake?? We’re just nuts about Rawr’s raw chocolate bars and slices (raw Mars bars are better than the real thing), but they’ll also put together a custom cake creation for a special occasion. So forget your half-baked attempts at catering for your health-conscious friends by offering them a watermelon cake (what even), these Brisbane cakes will make you their biggest flan! Words by Caroline Tully & Ranyhyn Akui