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Where to eat on Tuesdays

Tuesday is arguably the most boring day of the week. Monday is particularly painful, by Wednesday you’re half way through, Thursday is deliciously close enough to Friday to keep you going, and the rest is just a good time.

And so, cheap Tuesdays were born. We’ve rounded up a list of where to eat on a Tuesday in Brisbane bound to get you through the mid-week blues. After all, bargains fix everything.

Portside Wharf | Hamilton

There’s A LOT on at Portside. If you’re in the mood for some Chinese on a Tuesday, head to Bamboo Basket and enjoy a vegetarian spring roll with your choice of either Shanghai style stir-fried noodles with duck or chicken, Mongolian bean with rice, sweet and sour pork with rice or cashew and chicken stir fry with rice for only $20. If you’re in the mood for a meaty feed head to The Belvedere Bar and Grill – for $19 you can enjoy a Wagyu beef burger and chips, washed down with a pot of selected beer, also available Monday to Thursday. The Burrito Bar is getting in on board with the generosity as well, offering free upgrades from a regular burrito to a large on Tuesdays. If you’re in need of a cheeky mid-week pick-me-up, swing by Byblos and enjoy two of their classic cocktails for only $20. If you’re after the ultimate winter warmer head to Fresh n Wild Fish and tuck into their delicious seafood chowder served in a sourdough cob bowl for only $15.90. Why are more foods not served in edible crockery? Gusto Da Gianni’s is determined to turn your Tuesday around. Between 5:30 and 6:30 on Tuesdays (and Thursdays) you can enjoy lasagna, pumpkin risotto or a selection of homemade pizzas for only $18. And last but not least, Hello Harry is dishing out a burger, chips and a drink for $19 Monday through Thursday. It’s okay to have four burgers a week, right?

$25 all you can eat tacos | Mucho Mexicano | Milton & South Bank

Challenge accepted. Head to Mucho Mexicano after 5pm on a Tuesday and eat until you’re more tortilla than human.

Choose-days | Libertine | Petrie Terrace

Libertine hands over the reigns to you on Tuesdays. For only $49 per person, you and your mates can hand pick your own 6-course banquet instead of the chefs selection. Is it bad to get 6 serves of twice cooked pork belly?

2-for-1 Tuesdays | Paddington Curry House | Paddington

Dishing out what is arguably some of the best curry in the city, the Paddington Curry House is making Tuesdays our favourite day of the week with their 2-for-1 curry deal. There’s literally no better way to spend a Tuesday than sitting in bed with Netflix, wine and two curries. You pretended that the other was for a ‘friend’, but we know better.

$10 Yiros | The Yiros Shop | Various locations

The Greeks gave us a lot of great stuff (democracy, philosophy, My Big Fat Greek Wedding), but our favourite Greek creation has to be the yiros. Every Tuesday from 3pm, the Yiros Shop is offering a yiros and drink of your choice for only $10. A small price to pay for complete and utter bliss.

$25 all you can eat Pizza | Mister Paganini | South Bank

Yeah, you read that right. All. You. Can. Eat. Pizza. Swing by Mister Paganini after 5pm and indulge in all the slices you can stomach within two hours. For only an extra $7 you can get unlimited tiramisu as well. Winter bods, here we come.

Cheese Wheel | Il Verde | Bowen Hills

What could be better than spending your Tuesday with wine, pasta and a giant wheel of cheese? Well if they let us take the wheel home that would be better, but we’ll take what we can get. Head to Il Verde on a Tuesday (or Thursday) and for only $45 per person you will enjoy an entrée, pasta or gnocchi stirred up in the cheese wheel, a glass of wine and dessert. Tuesdays will never be boring again.

50% off all food | Heya Bar | Fortitude Valley

Hey, hey, Heya. The promise of half price karaage, pool and cocktails are far too tempting to resist, so if you’re ever looking for us on a Tuesday, start here. Pro tip: because it’s half price, make sure to get 4 serves of their cheeseburger spring rolls (and everything else). It’s just basic economics.

Tuesdays aren’t looking so grim after all. Get eating, Brisbane.

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