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Where to eat on Mondays

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Who was it that decided Monday nights were made for staying at home?

Forget watching Simpson’s reruns on the couch and heating up a microwave meal because you forgot to defrost your steak–turns out Monday is the best day of the week to snag a delicious budget-friendly meal in Brisbane (minus those pesky weekend restaurant crowds)!

Are you ready? It’s time to put your mind on your Monday and your Monday on your mind.

Chop Chop Changs | West End

After a big day at the office, wine and whine over a delicious Asian banquet at Chop Chop Changs. With BYO Monday nights to start your week, bag up your best Moet (or Passion Pop), stop and smell the rosé and let out the things you’ve been bottling up.

Il Posto | Paddington

Pizza doesn’t need a psychology degree to solve our problems–especially when they’re just $15. Thin, saucy, crispy and satisfying from 5:30pm… the guys at Il Posto certainly know how to turn Monday into Mon-yay.

Libertine | Brisbane City

Nothing like a thankless Monday working for the man to make you hungry. Luckily, Libertine is here to save the day with the delicious $65 ‘I’m Hungry’ banquet, a la the perfect excuse to gather your workmates for a bonding sesh over seven courses of French-Vietnamese fare.

The Fox Hotel | South Brisbane

Fact: Mondays are definitely better when they finish with a kilo of saucy wings for only $10 at The Fox Hotel. Hell, for that price, you could get two baskets and a delicious craft beer to match! Tuesday is tomorrow’s problem.

Il Verde | King Street

For the marathon of the week ahead, carb loading on a Monday seems not only intelligent but necessary. Il Verde is here to prepare your body for another work week with their $15 pizza or pasta express lunches every Monday from 12pm-2pm. We’ll have a pizza that!

Superfly Pizza| Woolloongabba

If Mondays get you down, then get down to Superfly to perk up with a giant cheesy pizza containing all the major food groups (see Mum, we’re being healthy!). Classic favourites such as their roast pumpkin pizza with honey, rocket, thyme, blue cheese, and mozzarella are just $15 on Monday nights.

Hai Hai Ramen | Paddington

There’s no better place to get down and slurpy than at this Paddington favourite! Head down during ramen hour (5pm-6pm) to score a delicious bowl of their classic tonkotsu or vegan ramen for just $10.

Bird’s Nest Restaurant | Various Locations

Just another manic Monday? Well, not need to run around like a headless chicken – simply flock into Bird’s Nest instead! This Japanese restaurant’s grilled yakitori skewers are not only divine, but also priced at just $3 all Monday long.

Gianni’s Kitchen | Newstead

Sometimes, all you need on a Monday is carbs. Carbs and cheese. You can get them at Gianni’s, with all you can eat pizza and pasta for only $20 with any drink. Make a Monday food baby with classic Margherita pizzas or big bowls of spaghetti–or both.

Thank goodness the discrimination against Mondays doesn’t extend to all of Brisbane (though we will be needing that extra coffee on Tuesday).

Words by Sarah Nguyen and Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmands who don’t wait till Tuesday to turn up.