Where to Dine if You’re a Big Kid at Heart

Where to Dine if You’re a Big Kid at Heart

Dine if You’re a Big Kid at Heart

If you’ve paid the occasional bill, wondered what a tax return was, and can kind-of-not-really remember the awkward time that was high school, congratulations!

You’re officially grown, so good on you for getting this far! And while being an adult means relishing Netflix and wine any damn night of the week, we also know there’s still that fairy-bread loving kid inside! So whisk your worries away and head to these sentimental restaurants catering to that big kid at heart.

Milk  | Ashgrove

Milk Cafe & Milkbar is sporting some big thiq energy. The thickshakes are what wild, wild thoughts are made of, coming completely loaded with flavours such as butterscotch and white chocolate. You can also become reacquainted with your old friendly mate the spider, frozen custard in a cone and sloppy joes. Hop scotch to it. 

The Low Road Café ǀ Windsor

Alas, since it’s no longer socially acceptable for adults to have tantrums, next time that you feel angry, don’t get upsetti – have spaghetti! Spaghetti on toast that is. Pair it with their whipped cream and sprinkles ice coffee, and you’ll be smiling in no time.

Little Clive ǀ Annerley

Alongside watching Saturday Disney or Blinky Bill, eating your way through a mammoth stack of syrupy pancakes was one of the best ways to start the morning. To reminisce on those good old days, head over to Little Clive, whose pina colada pancakes are a fresh twist on the classic, and sure to satisfy any craving. 

Piggy Back Café ǀ Jindalee

Nothing makes one feel more youthful than a solid cup of jo. Let’s face it – coffee is basically the nectar of the gods and taking its amazingness one step further is Piggy Back café. Their beautiful rainbow lattes are not only super aesthetic but will have you feeling like Peter Pan in no time! 

Mylk & Ko ǀ New Farm

As kids, our metabolisms were working in overdrive, and ice cream was no big deal. Now, however, one spoon of creamy goodness results in breakouts and all that fun stuff – but Mylk & Ko is saving us with a trip down memory lane in the form of cocowhip sundaes! Our personal pick is the passion fizz, topped with mandarin sherbet and passionfruit. 

DoughLord ǀ Brisbane City

No list of nostalgic childhood food would be complete without edible cookie dough, and DoughLord is one place that does it best. Thanks to watching way too much of Cookie Monster as children, we at the G&G now can’t go a day without munching on DoughLord’s crumbly Peanut Butter Brownie blend.

Billykart Bar ǀ West End

While mac ‘n’ cheese had a rep as that thing you eat when there’s nothing else left in the fridge, it’s still pretty damn delicious and the definition of ‘OTP’. To get your macaroni on, check out Billykart’s bite-sized version which comes fried with decadent truffle oil.

Melt Brothers ǀ Mt Gravatt and Brisbane City

When we were little, toasties were king. Flash forward to modern day and it continues to reign as our go-to choice for lunch. Combine two childhood foods into one and grab Melt Brother’s M.C Cheesy mac ‘n’ cheese meal. Bonus points if you snag some tater tots as well!

Nutri Hitt ǀ Hamilton

What food best encapsulates childhood memories, you ask? We’re not too sure, but we sure remember the days when our mum would make us peanut butter on bread – and Nutri Hitt’s sweet choc peanut bun is just an extension of that goodness. With milk chocolate spread and maple peanut butter on a rice and pumpkin roll, you’re in for a good time.