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Where to catch Pokémon and a bite to eat

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Have you embarked on a journey to fill all 150 pages of your Pokédex? With a collection of Pokéballs at your belt and a host of potions, berries and lures stashed away, you’re probably dreaming of days spent traversing the wilderness in search of Charmander, Eevee, and the elusive Dragonite. That is, before you remember you have another job – one that doesn’t technically pay you for conquering gyms and chilling with other trainers. Damn. While we can’t really spend 40 hours a week chasing and levelling our dream team on Pokémon Go, you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in a day. Grab some power packs for your phone and plenty of water for the trip – we’re going on a Pokéhunt. 10AM A day this busy begs for a pre-training coffee. Stop in at Saccharomyces in South Brisbane for a cappuccino and a chat – you’re not the first one to wander in with one eye on your Pokédex. 11AM Once you’ve added a Nutella-filled doughnut from Doughnut Time to your item list (hey, we never said we weren’t catching calories, too), you’ll want to head to the CityCat terminals near the ferris wheel. The reward? Three pokéstops in one spot, crawling with other trainers. Oh, and with constant lures placed in the area, prepare to catch Pokémon by the barrelful. 2PM It’s tempting to stick by the South Bank trainers all day, but a true Pokémon master knows that it takes some travelling to catch ‘em all. Walk down by the water until you hit the Goodwill Bridge (hello, water Pokémon!). Once you’ve crossed the bridge, you’re free to chase those nearby Pocket Monsters to your heart’s content. Fellow trainers will be moving throughout the QUT campus and Brisbane Botanic Gardens, so buddy up! Zubat ambushes are a real thing. Hungry travellers can pair a relaxation sesh on the grass with a picnic basket from The Gardens Club. 6PM Time to fulfil those cravings you’ve had since watching Ash, Brock and Misty kick off the adventures all those years ago. You can find your anime food fix at Bonsai Botanika in the CBD. Snorlax-sized serves of chicken katsu and ramen are worth putting down the phone for a beat. 7.30PM Ready to test the skills you’ve been honing all day? Grab an Uber (and organise your team) over to The Defiant Duck in Newstead. We hear there’s a new item on the menu – a Pokémon gym – and it goes perfectly with those after-dinner drinks. 9PM With legs aching and only a handful of Pokéballs left, it’s time for the final hurdle: a pub crawl through the Valley. OK, the post-drinks Pokéballs will probably miss by a mile, but you’ll still have a blast doing your duty as a trainer. We suggest making time for The Foundry and The Brightside. They’ve already been cranking out the specialty cocktails in support of Pokémon Go pubcrawlers, so you’re in good hands. If you’ve got any HP left at the end of the night, we’ve heard whispers of a Pikachu problem at Suncorp Stadium…