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When the boards flip: Brisbane’s most creative breakfasts

Fig and pistachio French toast with espresso poached pears, pumpkin pie porridge with bacon shards and caramel popcorn, or coconut curried cauliflower omelettes – they’re the wildest foodie fantasy combos you never knew you had, and will have you wondering once a fortnight what the flip you’ll see next on The Jam Pantry’s always changing menu. For the ever-creative Nims, owner and Head Chef at this Greenslopes cafe, getting creative in the kitchen isn’t just something to do late on a Saturday night after one too many tequilas, it’s a bi-weekly occurrence. ‘When the board flips,’ has become a fortnightly event with a cult following, as regulars wait to see what deliciously inventive combinations will appear next – or rush in to get one last serving of cheesy French toast with bacon jam before it disappears from the menu forever (we’re still in mourning). jam pantry brisbanes best breakfast 2 Taking the idea of seasonal menus to a whole new level (we’re talking 26 changes a year), Nims plans her boards each fortnight based on what produce is at it’s plumpest (think Kim K kinda plump) and juiciest that week. It’s like a Masterchef mystery box each and every time, with ingredients utilized across each of the 12 mini blackboards on the café wall.  We’re talking some serious Heston level combos here people. One week it could be all about broccoli, potato and rhubarb, the next it could be pears, oregano and corn. While others might see a random pile of fruit and vegetables, Nims – with all her food wizardry glory – sees broccoli and potato hash with bacon, poached eggs, Persian feta and pickled rhubarb. The flavours might be completely unpredictable (seriously, don’t even try – have we mentioned she once pickled zucchini and raspberry together?), but if you’re a fan of a particular breakfast dish, you’ll always find it on the menu in one form or another. The 12 boards always feature eggs, toast, cereal, fruit, French toast, waffles or pancakes (now we’re talking), a sandwich, an omelette, fritters, soup and a tart, with the final board listing the jam flavours being played with in the kitchen. Pick your fave dish every week, and we promise you’ll never be board of what’s dished up in front of you. jam pantry 3 You could let the menu be a complete surprise when you head in for brunch, or you can drool over The Jam Pantry’s Facebook page each week, and see what Nims has in store for the weekend breakfast crowd. Sometimes you’ll see what she’s experimenting with in the kitchen, sometimes you’ll see the final dish, ready to go on the board and be ordered by diners (disclaimer: a little drooling WILL occur). The Jam Pantry may have only been around for ten months, but they’re already on the Brisbane foodie map, making not only number one on our breakfast bucket list but a few others besides, including the Queensland Top 100 Food Experiences. If you haven’t stopped by yet, now is the time, before there’s a line out the door every weekend. You’ll find The Jam Pantry at 575 Logan Road, Greenslopes, open Tuesday to Sunday for all day brunch. Words by Ranyhyn Akui