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When Pigs Run Wild

This little piggy went… well, everywhere! We only buy free-range eggs, so why should we expect anything less from the pork on our fork? Pigs Run Wild is one Australian business that wants to make sure farmers, pigs and pork lovers can all get what they deserve, producing a variety of real deal free range fresh pork products and European style smallgoods, all free of chemical nasties. Working with farmers nation wide, Pigs Run Wild is bringing free range, all natural pork products to us hungry consumers. It’s a fact – everything tastes better when it’s grown in its natural environment. For pigs, that means roaming open paddocks with grazing pastures with no limitations of cages or cement floors. A happy pig means tasty bacon! Skip the supermarket and check out Pigs Run Wild for all your salami, prosciutto, chorizo and ham needs. Oh, and did we mention the bacon? The maple dry-cured, wood smoked free range bacon is sure to up your breakfast game. We’ll just give you a second to wipe that drool away. All the mouth-watering goodies can be found here on their website. Keep an eye out for the crowd funding campaign that Pig Run Wild will be launching over the next month – all in order to help out farmers make the move to free range. Because we like our bacon with a side of good feels as well as eggs. To keep up to date with all the Pigs Run Wild news and curly tales, follow their Facebook page. Words by Georgia Tyler