What's on this week in food: June 11 - June 22 | The Gourmand & Gourmet

What's on this week in food: June 11 - June 22

What's on in food this week Wednesday June 11 West Enders have a new local to check out this week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sister venue to popular Brisbane cafes, Moose and Gibson and Leaf Espresso, the new Habitat Restaurant and Bar is open 7 days a week and transforms into a bar at night serving wine, craft beers and cocktails.   Friday June 13 $10 Mojitos at Cove Bar & Dining? YES! Love a glass filled with white rum, mint, lime, sugar and soda? So do we! In fact, we like the sound of all of their mojitos. Saturday June 14 This year’s fifth annual Variety Chefs Ball will go a long way to support Queensland’s sick, disadvantaged and special needs kids. The stunning food and wine event will showcase a roll call of culinary greats, with 10 chefs this year heeding the call from Melbourne, Noosa, Sydney and all over Brisbane, each bringing their own specialty to the shared kitchen. Sunday June 15 White shabby chic furniture, fresh jugs of home-made lemonade, orange juice and iced tea where your cappuccino is served in nanna’s teacup and you use linen napkin to wipe your mouth after a slice of house made raspberry and white chocolate cake. Gertrude and Mabel are the new kids in Dutton Park. Monday June 16 So grab a friend and head to South Side Diner where they’ll set you up with two of their golden mac ‘n’ cheese for the price of one. Whether it’s two for yourself or two to share and battle over the last delicious mouthful, is up to you. Tuesday June 17 Cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger put the spice into ice-cream with chai tea gelato hitting the freezer at Gelateria Cremona in Rosalie. A chai latte might warm you up but we’ll take ice-cream any day. Wednesday June 18 The Pearl Café scoffs at the idea of pork belly, throwing the whole pig on a spit every Wednesday night, dishing it up alongside lemon and salt roasted spuds for only $25. We’ll be saying wee, wee all the way to Woolloongabba! Thursday June 19 Thursdays just got upgraded to the best day of the week with all you can eat mussels in four flavours with fries and crusty bread for $25 with any drink purchase. Hello sailor! Friday June 20 Friday means a long lunch right? Head over to Jellyfish where you can try mouth-watering Queensland produce, like Gold Coast tiger prawns with char-grilled sourdough toast and roast garlic butter, in a two course feed with matched wines as part of Lunch on Q.  Sorry boss, but we might just not come back. Saturday June 21 Burleigh Brewing Co are throwing a shindig at Kettle and Tin to launch their latest offerings. It will be a night of hops and barley matched with four courses worth of crafty creations from Kettle and Tin’s impressive kitchen crew. ‘Get here and drink beer!’ was the official invitation – so we will! Sunday June 22 We can rarely go past a good pork belly, but team it up with German beer and we’re sold.  Fortitude Valley’s Brat Haus has just that on a Sunday afternoon and it’s only $20, with sides too! Crackling-ly good!