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What's New This Week

It’s officially August, which just leaves us with one questions – where has the year gone?

Maybe we’ve spent half the year in a food coma (most likely), but all we know is it’s been whisked away faster than an egg in Hell’s Kitchen. If you’re looking to extend your eating this week, read on.

Burning of the Vines | Sirromet Winery

Less threatening than it sounds, Sirromet Winery is saying goodbye to the grape growing season with an extravagant French-style celebration, burning their grapevine cuttings while welcoming the new bud bursts. Drink wine and enjoy a night by the bonfire with food, fireworks and live entertainment this Sunday – and just so you know, it’s free.

Plant Bonanza | Amytis

Who doesn’t love a good succ(ulent), which is why we’re stoked that newcomer nursery Amytis is throwing their doors open with a day of beer, cheese and music this Saturday. Check out their potted or gorgeous hanging plants, and don’t be surprised if you go home with a new green baby.

Cake’s on the menu | Bacchus

Just when you thought they couldn’t get much better, Bacchus has gone ahead and totally outdone themselves! A gift to your second stomach, Bacchus’ new cake range is putting our Betty Crocker concoctions to shame with mouth-watering creations that you can order for special occasions (which can include just wanting dessert).

Truffle menu | Catbird Seat Bistro

If you’re a truffle fanatic, you might want to take a seat – Catbird Seat Bistro’s new menu is the root of all happiness with truffle dishes galore. If their a-la-carte menu isn’t offering you enough, check out their truffle menu (you read that right) for a jaw dropping selection of eats.

Bella + Tortie | Wandering Cooks

We don’t think you’re ready for this canelé. Former Jocelyn’s Provisions pastry chef Suzi Unwin has launched an online shop dedicated to the delectable French cakes, offering a variety of flavours including salted caramel and raspberry, chocolate, matcha and original rum and vanilla. Situated at Wandering Cooks in Fish Lane, goodbye shoe purchases – we’re clicking checkout on Bella + Tortie.

Jocelyn’s Provisions | James Street

Speaking of Jocelyn’s Provisions, this decadent store is popping up in Fortitude Valley for a limited time, serving their famous cakes and sweets to the public – that is, until their permanent store has finished renovations in the Calile Hotel Precinct! You can find their Six Weeks of Spectacular Sweets pop-up at 9A, 23 James Street, and you’ll find us on the sidewalk with our arms full of cake.

Burger Project | South Point South Bank

South Brisbane rejoice, Burger Project has reopened after their renovations with a bang, offering a new, limited edition Outback burger! This burger doesn’t just taste amazing, it’ll also have you feeling stellar with $1 from every sale being donated to the National Indigenous Culinary Institute to fund an apprenticeship.

Ben’s Burgers | Lefty’s

Some of Brisbane’s best buns have made a home inside the iconic Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall with the expansion of Ben’s Burgers! Replacing Lefty’s original eats, grab a burg with a side of whiskey while you’re watching a show, or just head on over for a fried chicken sandwich from Wednesday to Sunday.

Burger Time 69 | Everton Park

If you’ve been down Coro Drive and haven’t stopped at neon-signed burger joint Burger Time 69, we don’t know what to tell you – except that you’re missing out. But now, you’ve got double the reason to stop by with the opening of their new Everton Park location, serving the burgs and shakes you’ve come to love from their OG store.

Miss Kay’s | COB LIFE

Life, uh, finds a way – and Miss Kay’s has hit the ball out of the park once again with the introduction of their new feature burger, the COB LIFE. With mac and cheese, bacon, cheese sauce, French onion and chives stuffed inside a Miss Kay’s bun, we’re already clambering through the entrance to get our hands on one of these bad boys before they leave.

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