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What's New This Week

Creating mouth-watering meals is a task that requires a lot of time, patience and talent - which is why we just don’t do it. While the extent of our cooking skills stop at the ding of the microwave, we’re all set for this week with an amazing lineup of new eats and events to keep us satisfied.

If you’re hungry and you know it, read on.

Bacchus| Anoli

Bacc(hus) at it again is head chef Massimo Speroni with the latest addition to his incredible menu – Anolini. This house-made, classic ravioli is filled with braised beef shin, parmigiano and gold leaf, and is a tribute to Chef Speroni’s upbringing in regional Italy.

Miss Bliss| Winter Menu

Get whisked away to the pebbly shores of Amalfi with the Italian-inspired winter menu from Miss Bliss. Feast on vegan pizza, breakfast crumble and other tasty treats, and keep cozy throughout the cooler months by embracing your inner bear and just eating until you sleep through the whole season.

Archive| Modus Operandi Beer Dinner       

Archive has brought back Beer Academy, with Modus Operandi being the first to teach you a thing or two about their tasty brews! Enjoy a brewtiful evening of feasting on the 14th with Modus Operandi going above and beyond to produce you two speciality paired beers for the occasion. Grab the last tickets here!

The Bavarian| Toowoomba

It was the best of times, it was the wurst of times – The Bavarian is bringing their top notch snags and brew-lliant beers to Toowoomba, with an opening party on the 14th and 500 free hot dogs! First in, first served – so get in while you can.

Glee Coffee Roasters| South Brisbane

Taking a bean from NSW’s roasting repotoire, Glee Coffee Roasters are coming up from the Central Coast down south to South Brisbane – and we’re overcome with… well, glee. Expect the finest of caffeinated drinks as well as scrumptious treats.

Miss Kay’s| Springwood

Spring into Miss Kay’s new location in Springwood, where you’ll be feasting on burgers packed with goodness, milkshakes and other snacks – and don’t forget to check out their feature burger every month to switch it up – the being a Greek burger with fries and souvlaki lamb, and it’s absolutely smashing.

Bucci| Lombardy

Take a culinary trip to Lombardy every lunch until the 16th with Bucci’s Vacation Series as they bring the flavours of Italy to Brisbane. You’ll be wining and dining your way through a main course (or three courses for the ambitious).

Got something delicious to share? Drop us a line at editor@gourmandandgourmet.com.au and let us in on the secret.