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What’s in season at Milton Fruit Bowl: May

It may not be winter yet but with the summer humidity finally gone and the nights and mornings getting noticeably cooler, you may be wondering what to substitute for those summery fruits you’ve been munching on for the past few months. Thankfully, the guys from Milton Fruit Bowl have you sorted with these tasty, seasonal picks and tips on how to make the most of them. pomegranateCharlie’s picks: Pomegranate What to look for: A ripe pomegranate should feel heavy to hold, this means it’s nice and juicy! The skin should be quite firm with a medium to deep red colour. Check that the skin isn’t too soft and hasn’t split as a cracked rind suggests the fruit could be overripe.  Best used: Not only are pomegranates sweet and super tasty, making them the perfect addition to any dish, but they are also packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium, and a great way to easily add nutritional value to any meal. Sprinkle them on top of your avo on toast for breakfast to give it some extra flavour or toss them through your salad to add some sweetness and colour. mushroomsChris’s pick: Mushrooms What to look for: Mushrooms may shrivel up, develop a slimy layer or change colour as they go off. If your mushrooms have dark patches on top, feel slimy or wet to touch or become wrinkled, they are no longer okay to eat and may be growing micro-organisms that could make you sick. Best used: Deliciously versatile and a great substitute for meat, mushrooms are the perfect addition to pastas, stir-fries, pizzas and curries. Mushrooms are full of protein so use them to bulk up your breakfast by adding them to your scrambled eggs to kick start your day, or add them to hommus for an afternoon snack. From the garden: Cymbidium Orchids Cymbidium orchids are very popular for wedding bouquets and corsages and with their big, bright flowers it’s easy to see why. Often called ‘boat flowers’ because of the size of their blooms, these flowers come in a huge range of colours and are perfect for brightening up any space, making them a great gift idea.