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What’s in season at Milton Fruit Bowl: June

There’s nothing better than tasty, seasonal produce and with winter coming (nope, we can’t ever pass up a Game of Thrones reference), there’s a whole new influx of delicious, farm fresh goodies to eat our way through. Navigating through the endless options in the produce department can be overwhelming, but we’ve recruited the experts from Milton Fruit Bowl to help us lost souls make the most of what the cooler months have to offer. pumpkin Charlie’s pick: Jap pumpkin What to look for: Keep an eye out for pumpkins that have a hard, thick skin and appear heavy for their size. Best used: Winter + pumpkins – if pumpkin soup isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, what is going on in that head of yours? Nothing beats fresh, homemade soup to warm the soul. It’s also the perfect addition to any roast, or maybe even scones if you’re feeling a little Martha Stewart. grapefruit Chris’s pick: Ruby grapefruit What to look for: Look out for ruby grapefruit that’s heavy for its size. They can be stored at room temperature for one week or two weeks if refrigerated. Best used: Grapefruits are full of all the good stuff, including vitamin C, A and dietary fibre, and are a perfect addition to your daily meals. They’re great in smoothies and juices or sprinkled on your muesli for breakfast to add a bit of a citrus-y punch. When the weekend (or weeknight, hey we’re not judging) comes along, ruby grapefruit is a delicious accompaniment to your favourite cocktails.