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What’s in season at Milton Fruit Bowl: April

Stone fruit season and its juicy mangoes is all but gone, and most of you have probably sworn off fruit for the next 9 months as a result. But the fruity experts at Milton Fruit Bowl have some tips that might just get you back on the fresh food bandwagon, with their picks for the freshest seasonal produce in April. april produce mandarin Chris’s pick: Imperial mandarins What to look for: These sweet snacks are in season now, so they’ll be ready for your next shop. Mandarins aren’t too tricky to check, avoid any with dodgy soft spot or blemishes. If they’re heavy for their size and aren’t squishy or discoloured, you’re good to go! Best used: Talk about convenient! Mandarins are perfect for school snacks – they don’t need to be prepped or bagged up. Pop one into the lunch box for an easy, healthy snack. They’re also great in fruit salads, and are much tidier in the kitchen than oranges. april produce avo Charlie’s pick: Shepard avocados What to look for: These creamy avos can stay on your shopping list until May. Check for ripeness by feeling them rather than judging by colour. Gently squeeze avocados with the length of your fingers to avoid bruising them. If it yields under gentle pressure, the avocado is good to eat. If it feels too firm, it’s still got a few days to go. Best used: These avocados are super creamy, so they’re great to spread on toast for a fresh brekky with a sprinkle of salt. They’ll also make a smooth guacamole for snacks or fiestas! One for everyone: Pink Lady apples Pink Lady apples are crisp, crunchy and sweet, with a touch of tartness! They’re the perfect in-between for both green and red apple lovers, and are great to cook with. Have a fruity snack, add them to salads, or bake a fresh apple pie when the weather turns cool. You’ll avo great month with these fresh snacks!