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What’s hot and what’s not in 2016

You may be thinking about whether those platform sandals you spotted on sale will still be in season in 6 months time, but we’re wondering what’s going to be on our plates. And whether there will even be plates – will boards make way for something even less practical? After eating our way through plenty of menus around town (for research, ok?), here’s what we’re predicting will be hot – and not – in 2016. HOT Going green No, we don’t mean using more kale, we mean using locally sourced and all-natural produce, with menus that describe not just what’s on the plate, but where it came from too. Soon, you won’t just be marveling at the chef, you’ll be thanking the farmer, the butcher and the baker too. Coffee gets creative There’s so much more to coffee than flat whites these days and it’s only going to get better. Cold press, nitro brews – even filtered coffee is undergoing a reinvention. Who said staying caffeinated had to be boring? We’ll take a triple! Out of the smoke, into the fire Smoked meat is so 2015. This year, chefs are taking the meat out of the smoke and straight onto the fire, as BBQing goes gourmet. This is no throwing a snag on the barbie – we’re talking Argentinian asado (try it at Che Asado), Japanese robata grilling (Saké does it best in Brisbane) or yakitori (Bird’s Nest is a must try) and other exotic (and delicious) techniques. Travelling tastebuds Sure we’re all familiar with international cuisnes like Japanese, Mexican and Turkish, but have you tried Philipino? Peruvian? Persian? From tiny family run market stalls to restaurants putting increasingly exotic dishes on their menus, it’s all about taking our tastebuds to somewhere we’d rather be. That’s the spirit Vodka has had it’s day, and small batch spirits are mixing things up. It was only natural that Aussies would turn to making their own spirits and liqueurs – we do like a drink or three after all, and craft beer isn’t for everyone. Now it seems everyone with a copper pot and some know-how is making gin, whisky, rum and even vodka, with over 50 distilleries around Australia. We’ll drink to that. NOT The words ‘artisan,’ ‘handcrafted,’ ‘farm-to-table’ and ‘gourmet’ When McDonald’s is advertising artisan chicken burgers – you know it’s time to move on. Do these words even mean anything anymore? All vegetables and fruits come from some type of farm. Even box cakes have to be mixed and baked by hands. Unless the flour in that sourdough loaf was hand ground by 100 virgins on a mountain top in the Himalayas, it’s not that special. Edible insects Seriously guys, stop trying to make crickets happen. You say it’s environmentally friendly – we say eating creep crawlies freaks us out. Plus, studies have shown that sticking to chicken is better for both us AND global warming. Boards as plates Finally, FINALLY, venues are catching on the fact that a wooden board does not a plate make. Instead, it’s all about sourcing unique, quirky ceramic and glass ware. As long as our sauce stays on the plate and doesn’t end up on the table, we’re happy. As for doughnuts, burgers and freakshakes, we’re pretty sure they’re here to stay – at least until next year. Words by Ranyhyn Akui