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What’s brewing: Tripel Karmeliet

Pork – surely the greatest food of all time (OK, except maybe chocolate). It comes in an endless variety of cuts, varieties and flavours. From bacon – the pinnacle of the porcine pyramid – to smoked ham, roast leg of pork, crackling, pulled pork, spare ribs… sorry, lost my train of thought there for a moment. The point is, pork is all kinds of amazing. So when you want pork, you want an amazing beer to go with all that goodness. Some beer-matching guides suggest brown ale with pork, which is fine, but we’re going to suggest thinking a bit more laterally. And what goes best with most types of pork? Apple. Preferably spiced apple. And maybe some stonefruit. Tripel Karmeliet is a beer that delivers those in spades and that makes it a better match. Tripel is a Belgian abbey beer style that’s heavy on the yeast, which produces lots of esters (smells, essentially) that evoke fruits and spices. Give it a moment to ‘open up,’ then dive into a big whack of baked and fresh apples, lemon, cloves and peach flavours. Go a little easy though – the 8.4% a.b.v. can sneak up on you pretty quickly. Give it a go with your next porky platter. Beer: Tripel Karmeliet Style: Abbey tripel ABV: 8.4% Retail Price: Around $6 a bottle or $25 – $30 per 6-pack in bottleshops Food match: Well duh – pork! Words by David Edwards, Drink Less Drink Better