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What’s brewing: Little Creatures

Fans of Little Creatures, the once-niche brewery from Perth that’s now playing with the big boys, will be familiar with their single batch releases. Those same fans may remember The Dreadnought from 2011 – and now it’s back (kind of) with Return of the Dread (it’s really right there in the name). Unlike The Dreadnought, this is touted as Little Creatures’ first seasonal, so presumably that means it’ll be back again next year. What hasn’t changed though is that this is a still a great winter beer. Return of the Dread is a foreign or export stout, so basically a regular stout with a higher a.b.v. and usually a bit more of a hop punch. You can tell because when you pour it, the head will be a dark brown instead of a tan or cream colour. This delivers pretty much everything you could want in a cool-weather beer, with flavours of raisins, chocolate and roasted coffee, and touches of burnt caramel and smoke (and an alcohol kick of course). It’s worth letting it warm a little before opening. Make no mistake, this is a big beer and some (let’s call them “lightweights”) might find it a bit intimidating, but give it a go. It’s not one for around the pool, but try it in front of the TV watching a movie. Beer: Little Creatures Return of the Dread Style: Foreign stout ABV: 7.2% Retail Price: Around $16 per 4-pack in bottleshops Food match: Go all out with a sticky date pudding Words by David Edwards, Drink Less, Drink Better