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What's Brewing in Brisbane?

Beer. From Milton Mangos to craft beers, there are few things that Queenslanders love more than cracking open a cold one with…pretty much anyone.

Whether you’re a frothy novice or a seasoned saison sipper we’ve got the hook up from some of Brisbane’s best brewers on what’s hoppin’ in the beer scene in 2018. Let’s see what all the brew-haha is about.

WHAT’S SO 2018?

According to Archer Brewing’s Lucy Martin, we should be expecting things to take a sour turn – in the best way. She sees more fruit based beers and sours being the next big thing in Queensland – and her peers agree!

Lyndon Pasztor of All Inn Brewing Co. sees more floral and botanical beers taking centre stage, so start stocking up on those fruit IPAs and sours!

Les Riddell of Helsby’s Alehouse sees the growth of Berliner Wiesse, Goes and Gueuze wetting our whistles, as well as the ongoing love affair with hoppy IPAs.


Whilst we get a lot of craft beer trends from international breweries, Dan Whiffen of Mr Edwards Ale House and Cribb Street Social acknowledges a real focus on craft and local brews. But what makes us different? Diversity and community.

If the Brisbane beer scene was a school it would be proudly embroidered on its blazer (and it’d probably always be in trouble for not wearing it.) Lucy agrees with this sentiment, ‘everyone is brewing something different rather than trying to copy anyone else.’

Community also plays a huge roll in the brewing scene, we’re team players. Our size and rapidly expanding beer scene means that brewers are supporting each other. Cuties. Our unwavering love for craft beers – from festivals to legends manning craft beer bars – has contributed to an explosion of growth in the last three years. 

Les also credits the climate as a huge influence on the range and styles of local breweries in Brisbane.


But what should we be drinking right now? It’s 30 bloody degrees in the shade and we’re parched!

Archer Brewing: Welder’s Dog Farmhouse Ginger beer & Lost Palms Beetroot Sour – as well as Archer’s IPA.

Mr Edwards: Mountain Goat’s ‘Back to the Brewer’ – their 20th anniversary steam ale – hazy and hoppy.

All In Brewing: All In Brewing’s ‘Mutiny’ red IPA. Malty and hobby, it’s been named QLDs top 10 beers of 2017 by Craft Pint.

Helsby’s: Stone & Wood’s latest seasonal release ‘The Gatherer’. A wheat beer infused with sour cherries, finger limes and river mint – it’s a bloody ripper according to Les!


From trivia to tap takeovers, 2018 is shaping up to be a beer-youuuuu-tiful year. Keep an eye out for Brewer’s Trivia at Archer’s as well as their pale ale tinnie form – get crushing kids!

All Inn Brewing is also about that general knowledge life with trivia every Thursday night, as well as live music, we’ll drink to that!

Mr Edwards and Cribb Street Social are gearing up for a massive 2018 with tap takeovers, beer dinners, meet the brewers and beer festivals in the works.

Helby’s are gearing up for their Monthly Brewery Show on February 21st, featuring Ballistic Beer Co. So drink up my frothy friends, tis the season. 

Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who still reaches for a Milton Mango on the reg.