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What’s brewing: Beer of Origin

Newstead Two to the Valley IPA vs Murray’s Fred IPA It’s mate against mate and state against state this week – so now it’s beer against beer. With Game 3 of State of Origin 2015 looming and Suncorp Stadium sold out, it’s time to consider your tippling choices for the big one in front of the box. And yes, we are saying to ignore those ads saturating the TV, airwaves and roadsides at the moment and choose something that doesn’t taste and smell like a prop forward’s jersey after 80 minutes of hit-ups. In the interests of fairness and equity, you can choose between two IPAs – one from right here in Brisbane (the correct choice) and one from deep in NSW (the other choice). In the maroon corner is Two to the Valley IPA from Newstead Brewing – the new champion of the Brisbane beer scene who are doing a sterling job of both producing great beer and getting into the city’s bottle shops. Two to the Valley (which references the infamous Battle of Brisbane) is a (US) West Coast style IPA packing a scrum-full of big tropical fruit, pine and citrus flavours, all backed up by a caramel malt backbone. Over in the blue corner is Murray’s Fred IPA, from the Newcastle district. With a label as disturbing as Paul Gallen’s nose, this beer also features pineapple, peaches, pine needles and orange. The caramel note is a bit lighter than the Two to the Valley, and the bitterness is a little more restrained; though that makes it more quaffable if you’re planning on having a few during the telecast. Either of these beers will certainly make for a more enjoyable evening, whatever the outcome might be. You might even want to have a few of each on hand, just to cover all the bases. Beer: Newstead Two to the Valley IPA and Murray’s Fred IPA Style: IPA ABV: 5.9% (Two to the Valley) and 5.6% (Fred) Retail Price: Both should be around $20 – $25 per 6-pack in bottle shops Food match: Chips, dips and State pride Words by David Edwards, Drink Less Drink Better