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What’s brewing: American stout

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It used to be that drinking stout was the epitome of manliness – after all, only a real man would take on a beer that looks like motor oil (and sometimes tasted like it too). Then the Americans, with typical American bravado, decided to dial up the volume, infusing their love of hops into the dark mystery of stout to create a beer now known as (you guessed it) American stout. It’s a style that’s been around since the late 1970s, although its roots go back a lot further. As you might gather, it’s not really a style for the novice craft beer drinker; nor is it the kind of thing that’s likely to grace the taps of your regular suburban pub. But if you’re already a fan or perhaps just up for a bit of a challenge, it’s worth seeking out. This one comes from Victoria’s Temple Brewing, a cracking small brewer in Brunswick East. Don’t be put off by the inky black appearance that wouldn’t be out of place at a Satanist’s picnic. The rush of currants and cherry followed up by a big coffee bean and dark chocolate bitterness with touches of pine resin will knock your socks off – one way or another. We think this is a great beer – but it’s a real love-it-or-hate-it proposition – and definitely not for wusses. Beer: Temple New World Order Style: American stout ABV: 6.5% Retail Price: Around $75 per carton or $25 for a six pack. Food match: It might sound a bit weird, but try this with a dense chocolate dessert like brownies or mudcake. Trust us. Words by David Edwards, Drink Less Drink Better