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What’s brewing: 4 Hearts Wabbit Saison

If you’re a history buff, you may have heard of ‘Reinheitsgebot,’ the so-called German beer purity law of 1487. That law basically specified that beer would only be made from four ingredients – water, barley, hops and yeast. Over the years, the “purity law” was either ignored or watered down, but it kind of set a benchmark for what beer should be. Fast forward to 2015, and brewers around the world are pretty much thumbing their noses at what remains of ‘Reinheitsgebot’ (which is actually very little), adding all kind of things into beer – fruit, pepper, coriander, chocolate, coffee, chilli and even vanilla. But as a rule, vegetables have been a no-go zone for beer producers. After all, the umami qualities of most veggies aren’t something you really want in a beer. Undaunted by all that, Ipswich brewer Four Hearts Brewing has bravely gone where no humans have yet dared to tread by making a beer with carrots. When this was first announced earlier this year, it won the Internet for a day or two as people around the world went nuts over the idea. The thing is though, for all its oddity, this is a good beer. The first thing you’ll notice is the colour – a bright, almost fluorescent orange, like a hi-viz vest or a Brisbane Roar jersey. This is of course from the carrots. What follows though is a nice example of the saison style, with plenty of lemon and pepper underlined by some funky Belgian yeast characteristics. In fact, if you closed your eyes, you probably wouldn’t even think there were carrots in it. Like all beer, it’s good for you (see here and here); so you’d have to think the added carotene and vitamins from a dose of Bugs Bunny’s favourite snack would make it super healthy. Beer: 4 Hearts Wabbit Saison Style: Saison A.b.v.: 6.5% Retail price: Around $9 a schooner at the brewery, 88 Limestone St, Ipswich (availability varies) Food match: Go for the soft-shell crab souvlaki also available at the brewery Words by David Edwards, Drink Less, Drink Better