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What your spirit of choice says about you

In the name of the father, the son, and the holy toast.

Ever wondered what your spirit of choice says about your spirit? With Halloween just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to get into the spirits of things by reading our so-accurate-it’s-spooky predictions of your personality below!



You don’t want none unless it’s garnished, hun. Always chronic for a tonic, and known to sniff the odd Monstera plant, you’re spending your thyme either navigating Brisbane’s most aesthetic rooftops or doing some kind of gardening activity, because there’s nothing you love more than enjoying a breath of fresh air. And plants–lots of plants.



Country boy, I loooove you. Just kidding, we know y’all whisky fans are smarter than the average country bumpkin, and often find yourself as the rye-and-die friend on a night out because (let’s face it) as a whisky lover, you know how to hold your drink. Also, you’re not a joker, but that doesn’t stop everyone from asking you, ‘why so serious?’



Don’t kid yourself vodka lover, you know you’re one of only three things; young, yet to graduate from cranberry mixes, or Russian. And just like your spirit of choice, you’re known as the clear-minded, straight shooting member of the friendship group (no chasers in sight)! For you, Friday nights are party time, and best spent cruising the town… Cruiser in hand.



Why hello there, karaoke fiend. We have no idea why, but there is a definite correlation between how many soju shots you down and the chances of you picking up a mic by the end of the night. Regularly leaving other drinkers green with envy thanks to your grape personality and peachy keen attitude (what can we say, you’re a peep of many flavours), soju drinkers are renowned for their ability to get lit all weekend long, and yet still manage to turn up to work on Monday.



Chasing the rage, but puffed out from the exercise, your spirit is one of the most misunderstood of the alco-bunch! That’s not passive aggressiveness, guys, it’s just the rum drinker’s signature dry humour, extra chilly thanks to a dash of coca cool-a attitude. And once peeps get to know you, you actually get along pretty well…drinking alone.



When you’re not posting throwback pics to that magical trip to Cancun, you’re throwing back the mezcal shots at your local cantina or Mexican-ish bar. Adventurous and daring, you’re not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and drink all sorts of funky things (the more worms, the better)! Just remember to keep the saying ‘Mexico, I love you’ for the ‘gram and not for Jose at the bar.


Bottoms up, Brisbane! Not to take a dark turn this Halloween, but who isn’t haunted by their personal past drinking choices?

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the spirited gourmand who is (hung)over and out.