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What your picnic spot of choice says about you

’Tis the season for a lazy day off perched on a rug, basket of goodies at the ready with plump cushions and a good book. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite spots and eats to go with said spots. Now, what does the choosing of a spot say about you?

River Quay | South Brisbane

A romantic’s paradise. You love this sophisticated spot with a perch right in front of the river. The licensed area means you get to lubricate your day with Cristal champagne on your Louis Vuitton rug. The vintage picnic basket is resplendent with fine bone china embraced by leather couplings, sterling silver and ivory Louis Theirs cutlery and linen napery. You’ve picked up some takeaway from River Quay Fish (probably oysters and white anchovy bruschetta) and packed fresh baguettes. There’s fat strawberries for your love and heart shaped brownies with sparkling treasures hidden within. A student string quartet from the UQ School of Music has arrived, serenading your love with Beethoven. She says “yes”.

New Farm Park | New Farm

This is the suggestion you deliver when laying on a rug for hours on end making small talk drives you stir crazy. You’re able to keep your short attention span satisfied by ticking off a list of time fillers. Aunt Maude makes a mean quiche lorraine and her esky full of homemade lemonade is the main reason you attend these family shindigs but she is an incessant nonsense talker and you need to escape before it becomes obvious.

You cruise away from the group for an hour to check out the Brisbane Powerhouse and grab a takeaway double latte from End of the Road Coffee on your way back to the familial nest of fold up tables. Half an hour later you go play big kid in the playground and make it back just in time for the OTT spread. When the girls start to clean up, you quickly dart back to the car to grab your laptop for another round of mental escape on the council’s free wi-fi. P.S. Your avoidance and shallow nature have been duly noted and intermittent conversations about your need to grow up have been had in your absence.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs | Kangaroo Point

It’s the view that draws you in and the chance to abseil down the cliff face at sunset that has you here today. You sit at the picnic tables and wait with ants in your pants for the instructors to brief you and you’re off. Adrenalin kicks in, the city lights smile at you and you’re on top of the world. When you get back to your table your friends have set up a clean vegan feast and toast to your bravery with a green smoothie. What’s next on your thrill seeking list?

Brisbane Botanic Gardens | Mt Cootha

You’ve had a super busy week, been under the pump from every direction and even the sound of cars on your street are giving you mental anguish. The husband has organised a day far from the madding crowds and you find yourself ambling through the sweet serenity of happy chirpy birds and tumbling water.

He spreads out your favourite rug and cushions and fills your enamel cup with Earl Grey tea from his thermos. He’s made chicken sandwiches on fresh brioche and cut up watermelon. You have lemon curd and scones at the ready for dessert and the magazine you’ve been attempting to read for a month. You are overwhelmed. You cry, eat, nap and head home completely renewed and ready for the onslaught of another week. He’s got your back.

Sandgate Foreshore Park | Sandgate

Your family unit has pulled together this week. The kids have unpacked the dishwasher and cleaned their teeth without being asked four times. Your partner remembered to take out the garbage, the tradies did what they promised and did so under budget and the cat was successfully desexed without ripping anyone’s face off.  You all pile in the hi-ace and head down to the adventure playground at Moora Park.

While the kids are running amok, a chardonnay is poured and chicken sausages are thrown on the barbie. There’s no plates or cutlery, no napery, no cloth, just paper towel, messy faces and much loud laughter. Family time continues at the children’s wading pool and water slides at the Arthur Davis Park. A big choc-dipped ice-cream finishes the day. Home, bath, bed. HAPPY.

If you know of other picnic spots around our awesome city, please let us know. Nothing beats an adventure in an outdoors escape!

nims xx