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What your go to coffee spot says about you

We all have a local. A place we stop by at least once a day, exchange dutiful banter with the team and exit with our daily pick-me-up of choice. Some of you stay longer, order some toast and read the Curious Mail. Sometimes your polite chat to the barista forges a deep friendship and you talk until you’ve emptied your takeaway and you have to order another one. In Brisbane, where you go to carry out this daily ritual says more about you than you think. Scout | Petrie Terrace | Coffee Supreme Like Scout, you’re understated and cool with a slight eclectic bent. You’re not into over the top grandiose statements, but prefer to slip in unnoticed and allow your actions to speak for themselves. Owners Suzie and Candy have a way of welcoming you like you’ve returned from a long trip (even though you were in less than an hour ago). The Gresham | Queen Street | Toby’s Estate You love a sense of history, a story woven into the fabric of everything you do. The Gresham’s edgy scene, yet welcoming attitude, is what draws you in. You’re also a fan of the finer thing in life, and having your coffee made by award-winning baristas is right at the top of your list of things to do everyday. Bunker | Milton | Beans change regularly Environmentally aware, you are in favour of disturbing your surroundings as little as possible. You favour things and people in their purest form. Unadulterated, clean, and pristine. Hence why your five-year plan includes moving to Tasmania. Blackstar | West End | Roast their own and wholesale Funk for you is not a four-letter word, but a lifestyle. You are creative to your core and put aside unnecessary chores like mopping the floor and dusting in favour of living life at full flavour. Hallowed Grounds | Mt Gravatt | Elixir To accomplish your daily grind, you need to be grounded in a sense of home, comfort, and nostalgia. You’d rather nourish your body with a bone broth than a five-course degustation any day of the week. The most cherished possession you’ve been gifted is your pair of hand-crocheted socks. nims xx