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What your favourite dessert says about you

Whether you leave room for dessert after every dinner (and lunch) or you only allow yourself the occasional indulgence, everyone has a favourite sweet. Hot or cold, creamy or tart, rich or fruity, your favourite calorie laden treat says plenty about your personality. Apple pie Hard and stubborn on the outside, a bright smile will crack your shell to reveal a warm and tender soul. Ok, that’s exaggerating a bit, but you’re nicer than you look. You’re probably also cursed with resting bitch face. You do have patience in spades, but god help any one who tries to get in your way when you finally have that hot apple pie in front of you. Vanilla ice cream You’re classic. Classic cars, classic tunes (rock ballads, from the 90s, preferably) and classic jeans and t-shirt combos. Ice cream filled with choc fudge sauce and brownie bits confuses you. What is it trying to be, exactly? And you’ll take steak and veg over a mac ‘n’ cheese burger any day. Chocolate on chocolate If a dessert doesn’t include chocolate, it’s not worth the calories in your mind. You can put away a three course meal like there’s no tomorrow and always, always, have room for dessert. You’re the person everyone wants at their dinner party, not just because your fun, but because no matter how bad their cooking is, you’ll tell them it was great and go back for seconds. Donuts Last year, your favourite was macarons. Next, year it will be whatever the crowd dictates. You’re a follower, not a trendsetter, and if chocolate dipped vegetables became a thing, you’d get right on board. You never miss a night of The Bachelor and your kind of Saturday night is one that involves the couch, wine and a box of donuts. Sticky date pudding If people had to describe you in one word it would be lovable. Best friends with everyone you meet, your sweet personality has carried you through life without a care – there hasn’t been a speeding ticket you couldn’t smile your way out of. But be careful – no one likes a stale sticky date pudding. Espresso martini You make life interesting with booze. Because no great story started with someone eating a salad right? No, a great story starts with mimosas in the morning, whiskey in your coffee and wine from noon. You might not live to a hundred, but damn if you won’t have fun while you do. Anything in a mason jar You like to give homemade gifts like preserved lemons and vanilla essence that you’ve painstakingly made handwritten tags for and have seriously considered giving up your day job to become a organic vegetable farmer. And even if your dessert turns out to be chocolate soil and basil ice cream, that jar is just SO DAMN CUTE. And totally instagrammable. Fruit. With some kind of topping. Your body is a temple and nothing passes your lips that won’t make it even more worshippable when you hit the beach. To you, a weekend well spent is a weekend of meal prep and circuit training and you feel most comfortable in lycra. You don’t like dessert. GET OUT. See you at the dessert table. Words by Ranyhyn Akui