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What your favourite cheese says about you

Let’s face facts, foodies – we’re all a little cheesy in lots of different ways!

We’re not scientists, but the string cheese theory of the universe definitely suggests a connection between the cheese you eat and the whey you are.

Don’t curd your enthusiasm any longer. Find out what your favourite cheese says about you below!

Extra Vintage Cheddar

Don’t get us wrong, cheddar lads– you’re a classy bunch, but we still see through the cracks! Non-fans will say you’re a little sharp around the edges but we know you’re the best person to chat to about everything and anything, especially over a glass of red wine. 


Just like their favourite cheese, the mozzarella bella is super flexible and loves a good stretch. Splitting their time between pilates and pizza, the mozzarella fiend somehow manages to be both miraculously buff(alo) and baller all at the same time.

Sesame cheese

Beside regularly alarming people with the amount of nutritional yeast in their pantry, your average sesame cheese-lover is as inventive with their words as they are with food alternatives. When they’re not swooning over Billie Eilish or hemp bags, you’ll catch them dropping phrases like ‘not-zerella’ and ‘let the good times vegan’ in everyday conversation.

Swiss cheese

W(hole)some person coming through! Just like their favourite cheese, these guys are a friendship staple, and always fun to see. WHEN you see them, that is. For some reason, plans made with a swiss cheese head always seem to fall through…


Never one to drive a wedge between peeps is the fair-and-square halloumi lover, whose distinct tastes and versatile personality always make them popular at parties! Don’t rely on them too much, though – due to their popularity, these guys are almost always fried. 

Kraft cheese

Get real, Kraft cheese fans. There’s a reason you’re Singles.


If we missed your favourite, our apologies. We only aim to cheese!

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmand who doesn’t mind a little Mersey Valley herself.