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What your date night meal says about you

February the 14th. Love it, dread it or run screaming to the hills at the very thought, Valentine’s Day is the night of nights for restaurants everywhere. If you’re planning a romantic dinner date despite the crowds, stop and think before you book. What will a table for two and the lobster at that fancy joint in town really say about how you feel? Here’s what your order is declaring (hint: it’s not ‘I’m mad about you’). Spaghetti You’re secretly hoping you can recreate the scene from The Lady and the Tramp. And you’ve been together long enough that when you smear spaghetti sauce all over your chin, you know you’ll still be loved. Salmon The new ceasar salad. You’re still trying to hide the hangry beast inside from your new crush but you’ll be damned before you’ll settle for entirely unsatisfying meal of kale and quinoa. Pizza Oh, young love. When all you can afford is tap water and a pizza between two. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to spring for that garlic calzone one day. Burger and chips You don’t care what your sweetheart thinks of how tight you’re waistband is. You’re hungry and you’re having a fat, juicy burger and fries, damn it! Steak You miraculously managed to find a babysitter for the twins and this is your first night out in 8 months and 12 days. Not that anyone’s counting. You don’t even remember what real food tastes like. Oysters Why are you even at dinner? You really just wanted to order in so it was only a couple of steps from the table to the bedroom. Lobster Someone’s cashed up and there’ll be no splitting the bill tonight! Who’s a lucky Valentine? Mexican All anyone is getting on this date is a smooch, if that. Yes, you will have that extra serving of sour cream, thanks. And a mango daiquiri. Wings There’s no shame between you and your baby. You will get hands on and dirty, blue cheese and all, and there’ll probably be fisty cuffs over the last piece. Home cooked This one’s a keeper ladies and gentlemen. If you can pull it off, that is. Burnt chicken isn’t going to win anyone’s heart. Just dessert You know what’s important in life. Why bother with mains when you know you’re both really just after a hot fudge sundae? That you can spoon feed each other, of course. Eternity isn’t long enough for your undying devotion to each other. And chocolate. Brunch If you’re under 50 this is unacceptable, plain and simple. Expect to be single next year. Pancakes are not a substitute for love. Unless they’re just the first meal of a day of full day of lingering over delectable feasts, in which case, you might be safe. Cherish every moment. And every mouthful. Words by Ranyhyn Akui