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What you can get for $1 in Brisbane

Remember what a dollar could get you 20 years ago? Ok, to be honest, it wasn’t much, but our childish heart still leapt for joy whenever we had a gold coin to spend at the tuckshop. Swaggering up to the window, plastic wallet in hand, to put down the hard-earned coin we made washing dad’s car and exchanging it for a paper bag full of cheap lollies – there was no better feeling when we were 7 years old (except maybe getting out of homework). It’s time to relive those feelings, because surprising as it may be, you CAN get something for a dollar these days. Sure it might cost you five times as much in parking, but adulting always has it’s downfalls, right? And these eats are better than those red frogs, we promise. $1 wings | Bavarian Bier Café | CBD Beer o’clock is better than ever on weekdays between 4-6pm at this riverside spot, because now you can get $1 wings with your icy brew. 20c wings | Bourbon Street | South Bank $1 won’t just get you one saucy chicken wing at Bourbon Street, it’ll get you five. Yep, their wings are just 20c, every Monday. Wing it in! $1 gyozas | Heya | Fortitude Valley Got a student card? Put it to good use (no not on cheap movies) and get yourself $1 gyozas every Tuesday at Heya. $1 dumplings | Dumpling Republic | CBD This deal has us all steamed up! Every Tuesday, you can grab scrumptious pork dumplings for just $1 each – talk about nice buns! $1 chicken ribs | Collective Kitchen & Bar | CBD Let’s face it, you won’t be buying just one – but with buttermilk fried chicken ribs at just $1 a pop to be had on Wednesdays after 4pm, why would you? $1 wings | Park 7 Diner | Graceville Talk about a sauce deal! Every Wednesday you can get your hands on $1 buffalo wings, with a side of blue cheese sauce of course. $1 oysters | Port Office Hotel | CBD It’s probably the classiest meal you can get for a dollar in this town – freshly shucked Coffin Bay oysters. It’s only until the end of July though so you better get slurping! $1 wings | The Smoke BBQ | Newstead They’re some of the best buffalo wings in Brisbane – and they’re only a $1, every Wednesday. Mention also has to go to Tippler’s Tap’s $2 tacos on Tuesdays – they may not be a dollar, but these babies are worth a bit of a splurge. Words by Ranyhyn Akui