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What to read for an Italian feed

Italians are known for their fearless display of emotions, their sensuous soirees and perhaps most importantly, their food. Here’s a list of Italian Cookbooks that will influence the emotional side of your kitchen and teach you a love for simple, fresh and seasonal food. Essentials of Classic Italian | Marcella Hazan Marcella is the Julia Childs of Italian cooking and has been credited with starting the craze for balsamic vinegar, something she later regretted as she thought people were overusing it (Yes, people are still overusing it Marcella!). If you’re wanting a serious Bible for Italian cuisine, then this is it. Marcella takes you on a journey through not only what Italians eat, but how they eat. A total emotional immersion in Italian food culture in your own kitchen. I read books like this as novels in bed; beautiful. Simply Italian | The Chiappa Sisters Three first generation Welsh sisters with Italian heritage, now there’s a passionate combination. Each of the sisters have careers outside of cooking, but all three come together to share a very obvious devotion to their familial heritage. This is a really sweet book with really simple, fun recipes. A great book if you’re new to all things cooking. Their style is infectious. Two Greedy Italians | Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo I’m sure you’re all familiar with these two. They have their own BBC show of the same name and do regular guest appearances on anything Jamie Oliver has going at any given time. In a word these old friends are CUTE and have an incredibly infectious passion for all things food. These old friends have travelled back to their country of birth to share recipes that have impacted their journey.  If you’re a Foodie like me, reading it will leave you feeling fed and full. Stephano Manfredi’s Italian | Stephano Manfredi Stefano Manfredi is the godfather of modern Italian cuisine in Australia, introducing gnocchi with burnt butter to our uneducated palettes. This generous book chronicles the food and wine from each region, taking our education to another level. He is Genius. Jamie’s Italian | Jamie Oliver I had to include this one or my besotted sister would disown me (although her husband would be pleased). Some of us love him, some of us hate him. Personally, I love this cheeky lad. This book follows in his usual effervescent style. Lots of typical colourful fun included. He really does make Italian cooking make sense for the uninitiated. Pukka. Light of Lucia | Luciana Sampogna Light of Lucia is the story of a little girl who grows up with the love of her Italian family. It is the story of living with traditions, food, superstitions, saints and tales. It is about growing up and listening to the words of wisdom from your nonna or twisting your finger to turn a little square into a tortellino. It is the story of many Italians immigrants who are far away from home. And missing home can make you do so many things to feel closer to it. Enough said or I’ll require another box of tissues. This is the book that will truly connect your emotions to your food if you’re not already wired like that. Truly heartwarming. Italian cuisine is as important to your emotions as French cuisine is for your technique. Cooking from at least one of these books will alter your perception, loosen you up and have you gesturing wildly in no time. nims xx