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What to get your food loving dad for Father’s Day

Is your dad an ale addict, a pizza partisan, fruit fanatic or a bacon buff? Does he love a glass of wine in between embarrassing you in public and ringing you to ask how Facebook works? Does he love a good pasta while he judges the young people music? Does he need a cup of coffee before he starts his story with ‘back in my day’? If you answered yes to any of the above then your hunt for a Father’s Day gift is over!
Fruity Sock Subscription
If your dad’s a sock-er for socks, buy him a subscription with a difference! Sock It Up offers different sock designs (including plenty of food related ones) delivered to your door monthly. With the options for one or two pairs per month, or a one off box of six, your dad won’t have to worry about making an annoying trip to the shops when the laundry kidnaps another sock victim. It’ll really knock his socks off!
Ginger Beer Kit
Are you far away from your loving father right now? Well, this kit certainly says ‘wish you were beer’. Give your dad a chance to make his own alcoholic or non-alcoholic ginger beer from scratch. It guarantees that each sip will be fresh and free of anything artificial. The smile on his face when he unwraps his present will be pitcher perfect.
Wine Tasting Subscription
Sometimes that hardware gift card just doesn’t cut it on Father’s Day. Give dad something he won’t whine about with a wine tasting subscription. After a quick quiz, Secret Bottle matches wines to the individual palette, and sends out up to six different boutique samples per month. There are bottle or tasting packages available depending if dad wants a merlot or mer-little of wine.
Bacon Making Kit
No three words have more power than ‘I love you’… other than ‘here’s some bacon’. Bacon Smith Australia offers a bacon making kit allowing dad to create his own meaty goodness to his specific tastes. The kit includes recipes for six different varieties such as maple bacon, bourbon bacon, and coffee donut bacon. Just make sure he invites you over to sample his creations!
Pizza Shirts
Has your dad ever wanted a shirt with a tyrannosaurus rex in a chef’s hat holding a pizza? If the answer is yes, then get ready to buy a slice of heaven for him. Red Bubble offers some great pizza themed shirts all for under $30. They will truly catch a pizza your dad’s heart this Father’s Day. These gifts will most definitely leave dad ecstatic and you hungry (hi hungry, I’m dad). Words by Kate Stevens Images by Judit Losh