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What to eat to get through winter

We all know winter is the time to indulge, pile on a couple of kilos, forgo all levels of hair removal, and hide the evidence of it all under your snuggie. But did you know there are actually some foods you can inhale that your body (and health!) will thank you for? Keep yourself flu free and look summer ready with these handy hints. Garlic You may not be getting any smooches after loading up on this little gem, but at least you’ll have the added benefits of a boosted immune system, detoxified liver, healthy lungs and stomach, reduced inflammation and improved cardiovascular health. Booyah! Clearly, garlic is the original superfood. Add to soups, stir fries, pasta, slow cooked lamb shanks, or simply crush and rub over a slice of freshly toasted and buttered sourdough as a snack. The list is literally endless! Kale Okay, okay, we know you’ve seen and heard enough about the latest, greatest, leafy green, but we promise its health benefits warrant all the attention it receives from health freaks on Instagram (#kale #healthy). In season in cooler months, kale boasts a range of benefits extending beyond the obvious fibre and nutrient expectations. Extremely high in calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin K, kale is a leafy warrior against cancer, high cholesterol and promotes eye health. Forget blending it into a smoothie, throw it in a salad with pomegranate seeds and chopped walnuts, and drizzle with balsamic or EVO. Ginger One of garlic’s best mates, ginger is versatile in sweet or savoury dishes, particularly Asian style foods. Said to aid digestion and increase bile production (mmm, sexy), it’s tempting to grate into cookies, cakes and ice cream… but before we get sidetracked, there are some healthy ways to get this bad boy into your diet, too. Our favourite option would have to be a few slices added to a broth before poaching chicken (think Hainanese chicken rice) or lightly fried in a healthy veggie stir fry. Turmeric This gorgeous burnt orange coloured spice is often found in curries, but we reckon there’s a sweeter way to get your spice hit without the heavy burden of a curry filled belly (not that this is a bad thing if you’re going to nap it off). We love nutritionist Jessica Cox‘s antibacterial, anti inflammatory, antiviral, and dairy free take on the humble chai tea, using freshly grated turmeric to boost the nutritional goodness. Perfect for warming your fingers, and insides, on cold nights. Strawberries Strawberries are in season! Yay! Not only are these yummy little red gems high in fibre, vitamin C and calcium, they also aid in fixing bad breath! Perfect after all that garlic you’ve been inhaling since you started reading this. Blend them into your favourite morning smoothie, throw them into an avocado salad or top your morning Acai bowl with slices for extra Instagram-ability. So now you’ve got the key ingredients to base your winter warmer creations, and your body will thank you by the time summer rolls around. Surely this means you’ve earned yourself a sweet treat… Words by Emily Neil.