What to eat and drink this weekend Brisbane

What to eat and drink this weekend in Brisbane

May you never hear the sound of stomach rumbles this weekend.

It’s that time again, Gourmands and Gourmets! Get your tummy primed for the weekend ahead with a little help from your foodie friends…us! 

Eat Me

Gourmet | Lobster Kastu Sando from Honto | Fortitude Valley 

Blending both worlds, Honto is described as “a lot of Japan and a little bit of Australia”. So whether you’re a connoisseur of Japanese flavours or simply enjoy a chicken katsu sushi every now and then, Honto is a perfect approachable mix. Treat yourself this weekend to their standout snack, Lobster Katsu Sando. For just $15, golden crumbed deep fried lobster meat is wrapped in soft white bread and served with salted cabbage and dill slaw. The most gourmet mini sandwich you will ever eat! 

Hot tip: Order a second serving. Because one just isn’t enough! 

Gourmand | $10 Chicken Karaage Burger from Motto Motto | Various Locations  

Love a fried chook burger, but want a little upgrade? Look no further. Crunch on classic Japanese fried crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion and traditional Japanese mayo served in a classic white burger bun. For only $10! This means you can definitely get fries. 

Hot tip: They’re the younger sibling of SONO restaurant, so expect gourmet quality from gourmand prices 


Drink Me

Gourmet | Bottle of Champagne from Wineism | Albion Fine Traders 

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you do not want to be caught short without a romantic treat for your loved one. But it’s ok, we have the solution. Make sure to swing by Winesim this weekend to pick up a bottle of champagne from the range specially curated by the creator of the Australian Wine List of the Year (you’ll be in very good hands). With hundreds of bottles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect bubbles to add some fizz to your romantic day. 

Hot tip: Talk to Ian – he knows his stuff 

Gourmand | Balter XPA $6.50 schooners and $8.50 pints at The Boundary Hotel | West End 

The weather is hot. Have a break. Have a beer. 

Name a better weekend outing than gathering with your nearest and dearest, scoring a pozzy under an umbrella in the Boundary backyard, chugging down some cold beer… and maybe even digging into a cheeky schnitty. Go on, you deserve it. 

Hot tip: They do 40% off on Mondays and that means Valentine’s Day! (hint hint) 


Eat, drink and stay cool. 

Words by Priya Shah
- The gourmand who lives for the weekend.