What to eat and drink this weekend Brisbane

What to eat and drink this weekend in Brisbane

Just one more day!

Unsure what to do for your stomach this weekend? Whether you’re a gourmand or gourmet, we’ve got THE food and drink options for you to shake off the week in your own way. 

Eat Me

Gourmand | Meat Pie from Gerbinos | Ashgrove

A true Aussie delicacy made with flavours of an Italian bakery. What a winning combo. Gerbinos in Ashgrove have created one of the best meat pies in Brisbane packed with lots of hearty flavour. After a filling lunch this weekend? Look no more! 

Hot tip: They also have the best cannoli in Brisbane 

Gourmet | Order from the Montrachet Dine at Home menu | King Street 

If you’re begrudgingly hosting a dinner party, trying to impress a Valentine’s date or need to prove to your mum that she hasn’t failed and you can actually cook, these Montrachet Dine at Home meals are for you! Unlike takeaway meals that you claim you cooked (but aren’t fooling anyone), Montrachet Dine at Home meals arrive packaged cold with simple instructions on how to heat up at home. Whether you’re after a set menu or a single desert, there is always a delicious dish to indulge on. Check out the options on the Montrachet website. Love this! 

Hot tip: The cheese soufflé is not to be missed! 

Drink Me
Gourmand | Frozen Coke from McDonalds, because it’s HOT! 

Humidity is high. Sweat is dripping. Air con is broken. Who you gonna call?

We all love a Maccas Frozen Coke. There is nothing quite like its icey sugary goodness on a hot day. So fight back against this heatwave, grab your dollar coin, head to the drive through and treat yourself! (And maybe get some chippies too).

Hot tip: If you order your cheeseburger without onions, they will make it fresh! 

Gourmet | Cocktail from Cru bar | James Street 

It’s been a long week. Time for a drink. Cru Bar on James Street is serving up classy and refreshing cocktails with a unique spin. Enjoy the gin tones of a ‘Sweet Fire of London’ or a ‘Blackbeard’s Delight’ with enough rum fit for a pirate. Sip and soak up the sun while outside in the open plan restaurant or sit beneath a magnificent antique chandelier at the bar. A perfect way to welcome the weekend. 

Hot tip: They’re open on a Monday! Win! 



Words by Priya Shah