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What to drink with spicy food

We love searing hot, spicy dishes. We also love a cheeky alcoholic beverage with our meals. The problem is, spicy food doesn’t play nicely with most beers and wines. Either it’s too hot and overpowers the delicious drink, or in a cruel visa versa situation, the beverage flavour takes over and you lose the mightiness of the meal. But fear not, we have the answers and they are tasty. S.C. Pannell 2013 Aromatico | $25 The Wine Emporium The Aromatico is one of the best wines we’ve come across this year and it goes oh so well with spicy cuisine. This delicious favourite of ours is a blend of Gewürztraminer, the best variety for spicy food, and Riesling. Living up to its name, it is super aromatic. Turkish delight, orange blossom water and lychees abound on the nose, on the palate it is silky soft with a drying finish, oranges and lemon linger on the tongue with a little green apple at the end. Wolfberger Crémant d’Alsace | $25 Vintage Cellars We do love a good sparkling wine, and the Wolfberger from the Alsace region of Eastern France is ticking all our spice loving boxes too. This wine uses a blend of different grapes and is very different to the sparkling wines most are familiar with. It’s aromatic floral musk punctuated by zingy citrus is the perfect accompaniment to the fiery dishes we are chasing this month. Estrella Damm Inedit | $10 Queens Plaza Wine + Beer Normally I wouldn’t suggest beer for spicy food as it agitates the palate and makes the heat pop, but Estrella is something different. Using a blend of barley and wheat malt, it has a cloudy appearance, aromatics of coriander, oranges and anise, with a lovely creamy body. It’s only lightly carbonated as well which helps to combat chilli. Happy eating! Words by James Cooper