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What to do with your pals this Galentine’s Day

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Galentine’s Day

Leslie Knope is a big mood.

If our Park’s and Rec queen taught us anything, it’s that the important things in life are friends, waffles and work (no matter the order, as long as work is third. Preach queen). She’s also the fearless leader of the Galentine’s Day movement – a big (K)nope to sappy, couple-heavy Valentine’s Day dates, but a strong hell yis to friend dates with your best buds.

Hit up the Ann to your Leslie and love them up in the most platonic way possible thanks to a few Galentine’s Day ideas collated by your friendly neighbourhood cat lady (single since 2017 so I know my sh*t. Let’s get this depressed bread).

Osbourne Hotel | Fortitude Valley

Asking your cat why you’re still single? Join The Lonely Hearts Club. Your new best mates at Osbourne Hotel aren’t providing a shoulder to cry on, rather a room of  singles that will legally have to mingle. From 7pm on the day formerly known as Valentine’s Day (currently known as eat ice cream until you hate yourself day), you and your buds will be given purpose with a night full of Pimm’s, game cards for writing notes to that 10/10 in the corner, and cheese boards… because if he can handle you at your lactose intolerance, he deserves your time. Tickets are only $25, so stop shaking your cat and get to that here.

The Lanes | Fortitude Valley

Three’s a party, which is why Bakery, Winn and California Lane are banding together in single solidarity for the ultimate Galentine’s Day crawl. On the eve of the romantic day of which we do not speak, an easy $60 (we know you have that cash because you don’t have to spend it on anyone else, and that’s not a bad thing) will be your ticket to champagne, being told what’s wrong with you by a dating coach, laughing at other people’s love with Kat Davidson, and settling down by making cupcakes and winning prizes. Check out the rest of the juicy deets here, and notify the strong singles in your group chat.

Eleven Rooftop Bar | Fortitude Valley

Concept: instead of wallowing in your pyjamas, gather a crew and head to Eleven, where magnums of rosé, live DJs, and killer view (they’re not just for couples), await! With a $45 share menu on offer including fried cauliflower with truffle mayo, lamb on the bone with pita bread and eggplant dip, and goldband snapper with chopped herbs, chilli, and lemon and caper dressing, being single on V-Day won’t leave such a bad taste in your mouth!

Jade Buddha | CBD

Celebrate ovaries before brovaries and gift your bestie with a long stemmed rose to match her cocktail. Jade Buddha is bringing the goods with v. enticing cocktails and a flower filled space perfect for your next Bumble profile pic –  plus the first 50 drinks purchased from 5PM score a rose! Sips by the riverside? Yes please.

Toasted Café | Everton Park

You know whats better than cry, scream and binge? Paint, sip and nibble (I mean, nah yeah, it’s better). On February 14 (hisses) Toasted Café will let you paint the love of your life – your sweet pup or meow machine – on top of a pre-prepared sketch laid out for you (you’ve already failed at dating, they won’t let you fail at painting). Bring your human friends along to join in on a colourful night full of BYO wine, provided canapés, and guaranteed good times. Lock in your tickets here.

RG’s, Ric’s and Marquee Bar | Fortitude Valley

Get together for an old-fashioned Valley sesh across RG’s, Ric’s and Marquee Bar, and please try not to fall in love with your kebab vendor at the end of the night. This cheeky threesome are throwing one spicy Anti-Valentine’s Day crawl from 5pm on February 14, where you’ll feel super special thanks to giveaways, DJs, live music and student-friendly deals… and that’s just the tip. What a banger.

The Stand | Fortitude Valley

Sit down, be apple crumble. Here’s a pretty cute idea for the gals, involving desserts from sticky date pudding to black forest and strawberries and cream panna cotta (this one’s vegan, woo!), but raise a glass for the real kicker… cocktails! Fit your entire body into a Death by Chocolate espresso martini and whip out Tinder to actually make yourself feel better about being single. Do you really need a guy in your life that’s holding a fish or must be a transformer because he only posts pics of cars? NO. Life your best Galentine’s life you beautiful binch.

Jimmy Bring’s | Mobile

Finally, a man that delivers. Jimmy Brings is an alco-home delivery service, letting you and your pals organise a cheese board at home while your vodka soda magically appears at your door with minimal effort on your part. Go one better and get Uber Eats as well – you deserve a night off cooking for one. Perfect night in? Literally.

Remember, always choose friends over dead-ends.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who is single, and sick of mingling only to find more disappointments