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What it’s Actually Like to Cook Food Delivery Kits

Alright, so we’re no stranger to a lazy night at home – everyone’s guilty of it. You get home, you open the fridge, there’s nothing in there, you open the fridge again (surprise, nothing magic’d its way in there in the last 3 minutes either) and then you settle on whacking a piece of frozen fish in the oven and smothering it in tomato sauce (okay so we’re way too familiar with the process, clearly). So when we happened across Gourmet Dinner Service, not only were all our mealtime prayers ever so conveniently answered – our insides even thanked us for it (and no risk of scurvy anymore, so go us!). Because we all know… sometimes it’s really freaking hard to adult. So what’s the whole thing about? Design your own dinner destiny and choose from a massive selection of ready-made, fresh, gourmet meals, delivered to your home or office door. We hit the website to give it a crack ourselves and found a plethora of meal options with anything from roasted lamb shanks to Guinness beef pie. Our weapon of choice? Well, since we could pick just one, we road tested their eggplant parmigiana, roast tomato and chicken penne pasta, and smoked salmon and potato salad (not in one sitting, as much as we’d have loved to). The goods come in a kickass little Styrofoam box that keeps your gourmet tidbits cool once they’re delivered and when you’re home, you’re ready to roll with conveniently packaged little parcels like vac-sealed beans and oven-ready lasagna trays. Un-package all your bits and pieces, build your meal, and whack it in the oven. Dinner. Done. Asides from the epic selection of goodies for you to induce an evening food-baby with, the best part about GDS is that their kitchen is completely run by trained chefs – so you know that what you order online is always made from scratch using seasonal ingredients with literally no ‘nastys’. Chef Sebastien Houillon runs the show over at Gourmet Delivery Service and ensures the food he’s dishing up is using only the best, locally sourced produce. With an ever-rotating selection of gourmet goodies, you’ll never be bored or inconvenienced by dinner again. You know what they say – good things come in Styrofoam boxes. Words by Lucille Burkitt