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What does your coffee say about you?

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Having worked as a barista for over six years, it still baffles me when lining up for my daily coffee and I hear the person in front order a “quarter strength, decaf, half skim, half water, extra frothy, no chocolate cappuccino.” It’s no secret that we love a good cuppa, but did you know that your daily cup of coffee is secretly emitting hidden messages to passers-by? So, what does your brew say about you? Doppio: Otherwise known as the ‘cigar of the coffee world’, you’re probably a reformed smoker. You’re all business. You walk fast, talk fast and have probably never used an exclamation point in your life. Short Black: Also a very serious drink, for headstrong and hard-working nocturnal creatures. Macchiato: A short black on training wheels. Soy: You’re either lactose intolerant, or trying to save the world one cow at a time. Long Black: The student’s drink. You’re either poor, not fussy or both. Latte: You’re cool, casual and don’t usually drink coffee, but you’re a lone soldier in a group of caffeine addicts. In that case, the latte is the safest option. Cappuccino: Once upon a time you thought you were sophisticated. That was ten years ago now… Decaf: You like being part of the crowd, but since coffee makes you “crazy”, decaf is the next best thing. Or you’re pregnant – congrats. Mocha: Underneath that fluffy, chocolatey exterior is a core of steel. One day soon you’ll graduate to the Cappuccino. Chai: The ex-tea drinkers that are making a half-assed attempt to join the dark side. Babyccino: You’re five… or you’re an adult that enjoys warm froth and marshmallows. Time to grow up? Rachel Lees