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We've uncovered Brisbane's secret menu items

Look, we’re great secret-keepers when it comes to who ate the last piece of cake (we know nothing) or how many times we had lunch delivered to the office this week (zero, and let’s change the subject). When it comes to staying hush-hush about the uber-secret dish down the road, though? That’s a different story. Secret menu items are appearing (or very noticeably not appearing) in restaurants around the world – and if you’re struggling to comprehend just how magical this discovery is, we’ve heard whispers of a butterbeer frappucino at a certain US coffee spot. Thought the double-stacked burger was the height of creation? Didn’t dare to believe a burrito and nacho hybrid actually exists? There’s a whole world of restaurant creations and combinations we never knew about (and for the sake of our waistlines, kinda wish we hadn’t). The best thing? They’re not hidden under lock and key – just a few savvy servers, and our tight-fitting belts. Now that the secret’s out, keep your ears to the ground, Brisbanites: we’ve heard hushed words about a few local spots with some top secret creations – and at the risk of becoming the black sheep of the foodie world, we’ll share a few gems. With The Lamb Shop’s recent move to Brisbane, a certain pink-hued sign has probably caught your eye. Ask the magicians behind the King Street counter for ‘the pink lamb’ and thank us later. While our love for all things arancini is no secret at all (in fact, we’ve probably doubled the budgets of most Italian restaurants in Brisbane), you’ll have a ball with the secret arancini from Julius Pizzeria. Now – unicorns? Myth. Unicorn ice cream sandwich? Dead real – and dead delicious. Hoof it to Red Hook for a dessert that’s almost too good to be true. Lastly, it’s pretty much a given that waking up after a night at Brooklyn Standard has an air of mystery around it (but that’s usually the tequila talking). Want to add some of that cloak-and-dagger secrecy before the hangover hits? Say ‘surprise me’ to any Brooklyn bartender. Uhh, we still have no idea where that cake went, though. Words by Samantha Chariton.