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We've Got a Hole Lot of Love for Bagels

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Bagels. They’re a little pillow of happiness, bringing never-ending joy to our 9-5 working week, making early mornings after late nights bearable and brunches with our in-laws just that little bit better.

But, with so many crazy combinations, flavours and kinds of bagels we seek to answer the big question – which bagel is the ULTIMATE bagel? Together with our friends/enablers at NYC Bagel Deli, we dare to ask the toughest questions.


The world’s greatest sandwich meets the world’s greatest invention, and magic is born. Pastrami, Swiss cheese, pickles, sauerkraut and Russian dressing – it’s as salty as us on a Monday morning and just as regal.  

Elvis ‘The King’

When you can’t decide between sweet and savoury, do as the King did and have both, just without the heart attack. Bacon, peanut butter, banana and cream cheese. We’d tell you it’s only to be consumed in moderation, but that’s totally not rock ‘n’ roll.

Grilled Haloumi

If you’ve given up on home ownership, the economy and life itself (woah, bleak), it’s time to grab that green gold and get smearing. Avocado, haloumi, sundried tomato, basil pesto and rocket on a bagel makes life just that little bit more bearable, plus it’s vegetarian, so you can smugly look down on your meat-eating peers.

Brekky Bagel

For those who actually enjoy getting out of bed on a Sunday morning (you’re all wrong), and look on the sunny side of life (how?), the Brekky bagel. Bacon, eggs, cheese, aioli and rocket – it’s sunshine on a plate.

Smoked Salmon

Finally, the OG, the undisputed KING of bagels –  the smoked salmon and dill cream cheese combo. Bagel crazes may come and go, peanut butter here, bacon there – but with capers, onion and cucumber – it is untouchable. It is pure, and still remains our fave. We’d rather be schmeared across the sidewalk than give it up and we’ll fight anyone that tries.

Unless of course, you’re just eating your bagel with butter? You can’t sit with us.

Helping to keep our cravings at bay, NYC Bagel Deli feed us without comment, judgement or question – no matter our state. And they’re now open in the Valley, West End and Chermside. Just sayin’.  

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Words by Emma Callaghan
- The gourmand who breaks veg once a month to shove a salmon bagel in her mouth.